Another #NaNoWriMo17 sample

The target for National Novel Writing Month is 50,000 words, and it looks like I should hit that with a day (maybe two) to spare. I’ve not been working on a novel, but two novellas, a short, and sundry outlines for future stories. In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, none of them were stories I had worked on before November 1st.

Here’s a bit from the second of the novellas, writtem a couple of days ago-

Naomi made a little squeal-cum-giggle, and covered her breasts with her forearms, as if suddenly coy. She watched, head darting back and forth, as James came to kneel before her, and William went around behind and gently slid his thumbs under the waistband of her jeans. She gulped in a little breath, and tried to hold it to keep from shivering.

James released the button on the front of Naomi’s jeans with a practised move of thumb and fingers. Then he found the zip, and tugged it down, slowly. Like Gabrielle, Naomi couldn’t watch what was happening below her waist, so she looked at her friend instead. Both of them found their lips parting, as if puckering up for a kiss.

With the zip undone, William pushed Naomi’s jeans down her thighs. Then James took over, and he rested his hands on her waist to support her. She wobbled whilst James struggled getting her foot out of a jeans leg, and William’s erection rubbed across the skin of her back. Her wide eyes were so comical that Gabrielle had to put a hand over her mouth to smother the laugh.

James remembered that he had an audience, and moved aside enough for Gabrielle to get a look. The skimpy thong that barely covered Naomi was a white that nearly disappeared against her pale skin. Gabrielle’s gaze flicked from the narrow triangle of cotton to William’s face. He glanced down, raising his eyebrows cartoonishly at the sight of the string that was the back of the underwear.

“Still not naked.” Gabrielle pointed out.

“Well, we’ll see about that.” James said. Standing, he slipped his right hand inside the front of the thong, as if ready to tug it down. But then he twisted his hand around, moving it even lower. He was still far enough to the side that Gabrielle could see as he bent two fingers, and they slipped into Naomi.

Naomi tried to move up and away from the fingers entering her, lifting up until she was on tiptoe. “Not fair.” she squeaked. “Not fair. No, just there. That’s it.” She settled back onto the flats of her feet, and grabbed James’ upper arms for support.

“Quick, while she’s distracted, get her knickers off.” James told William, barely able to contain his laughter.

William pinched the narrow waistband of the thong, and quickly drew it down to the floor. Then he moved around to stand beside Gabrielle and watch.

Naomi buried her head against James’ shoulder. As his fingers moved in and out, she said, “That’s…. So…. This. Is. Too…. Distracting.”

“Sorry. I’ll stop.” James did just that, and stepped aside.

“Bastard.” Naomi held her hands out for balance, and slowly composed herself. “Naked now.” she pronounced. “That was awfully rude of James, getting in the way of your view like that.”

“Not half as rude as stopping was.” William said.

Gabrielle had bee looking her friend’s sexy trim body up and down, finally closing in on a detail she had glanced past several times. “You shaved.” she said, surprise, and a little awe, in her tone. She stepped forward and, without really thinking about it, reached out to stroke across the exposed skin on Naomi’s mons. “It’s so smooth. And sexy. Is it hard work to keep it that smooth?”

“I have to run a razor over it almost every time I’m in the shower. But it is sexy, isn’t it?”

“Sexy. And smooth, all the way down to….” Gabrielle pulled her fingers away before they started working their way down. She turned to William. “What do you say? Should I do this?”

William looked from Gabrielle’s face to her crotch, with its neatly trimmed patch of thick hair, to Naomi’s hairless crotch. He nodded eagerly. When he finally found his voice again, he added, “You should definitely give it a try.”

Gabrielle wrapped her arms around William’s neck and pulled him close for a kiss. She pressed her body against his, squeezing his erection between them. “When we get home.” she told him. “Maybe you can help.” His hands clasped her buttocks, pulling them closer still together.

“I think it’s time for bed.” Naomi announced.

“Did we work out who was sleeping on the couch?” Gabrielle asked.

“No-one’s sleeping on the couch, silly. We’re all sleeping in the bed.” Naomi hooked an arm through James’, and offered the other hand to Gabrielle, as she headed for the bed.

Their tread slowed as the neared the step up to the bed. When they came to a halt, Naomi looked at Gabrielle. “I’m really horny right now.”

“Me too.”

“What about the boys?” Naomi wondered. She reached back and found James’ erection, squeezing it. “What a silly question. Of course they’re horny. You two wait here a moment.”

Naomi led Gabrielle up onto the bed section of the room, then guided her around to the opposite side. Gabrielle caught on quickly, and grabbed the top edge of the duvet and sheet that covered the bed. She and Naomi pulled them all the way down to the foot of the bed. Then they each lay down on their side of the bed and gestured for their lovers.

Gabrielle reached out a hand, and Naomi took it, giving a little squeeze. It felt perfectly natural for the two of them to be naked on the bed, side by side, ready to make love with their partners. At the same time, it was very strange, not the way any of them had expected their Friday night to end.

James and William joined them on the bed, and the erotic charge was incredible. Naomi and Gabrielle each reached their free hand up to their lovers. James caught Naomi’s hand, and kissed her wrist, working his way down to her elbow as he placed himself between her legs. Seeing this, William copied, carrying his kisses on to Gabrielle’s breasts, then her neck and, finally her lips.

Naomi and Gabrielle reached down, finding their lovers’ erections. Still holding hands, they seemed to be in harmony, trying to reach important points at the same time.

James and William were each poised with the heads of their cocks nestling in the labia of their lovers, waiting to enter them. They paused, holding back until they got the nod.

“Ready?” Naomi asked.

“Ready.” Gabrielle replied.
They let go of each other’s hand, and grasped the arms of the men above them. “I want to make love now.” Naomi announced.

William and James pushed forwards, pressing into Gabrielle and Naomi. Each sneaked a look across, to check the other’s form, before giving salutary nods and returning all their attention to their lovers.

It was impossible for any of them to forget there was another couple on the bed with them, making love within touching distance. A couple who were able to watch what they were doing and, no doubt, willing to be watched in return. Neither Gabrielle nor Naomi could always be certain that the woman they heard crying and moaning was themselves or their friend.

This wasn’t a competition. It wasn’t about who could come first, or last longest. It only mattered that each couple were enjoying themselves, and could be sure of the other couple’s joy as well. Naomi lifted her legs up, and James pinned them to her sides with his arms, changing the way that he thrust in and out of her, and pushing her body all over the bed. Gabrielle, meanwhile, had her legs straight and flat and quite close together, moving William up, so that his erection held long and exquisite contact with her clitoris throughout its movements.

Though they took different paths to climax, they all approached it at nearly the same time. Gabrielle’s cries of pleasure stirred memories for Naomi, which excited her in turn. She reached out again, and found Gabrielle’s hand waiting for hers.

As they came, singing a duet of ecstatic cries, James and William, too, reached the final, short strokes before orgasm. “Yes! Fuck, yes!” James voiced for both of them. He stopped moving, holding himself in place as pulses of pleasure pumped semen into Naomi. A few short, sharp thrusts later, William was ejaculating as well.

They couldn’t have guessed that they would all come together. But it was so perfect, it was the only possible conclusion to their evening. James and William planted little kisses on their lovers’ faces as they came down, hugging them tight. A few minutes later, they reached down to draw the sheets back up, and drifted off to sleep in the warm afterglow of love making.