Here’s another #NaNoWriMo2017 snippet for you 2

I’ve been so busy writing for NaNoWriMo, that I’ve forgotten to post any snippets. So here’s one for you.

Noel woke to fingers wrapped around his morning erection. Which was always a good way to wake up. A soft cheek rubbed against the skin of his shoulder, and small breasts pressed against his arm.

For a moment, Noel wasn’t sure who it was that was cuddled up to him. Somehow, he knew it wasn’t Cassie, but couldn’t remember why. Opening one eye, he looked up at the ceiling.

How he could have forgotten Megumi was a mystery. He allowed himself a little smile. Megumi had fallen asleep between Cassie and him, and now she was waking at the same time as him.

“Good morning.” Megumi said, having spotted Noel’s smile and open eye.


Carefully, trying not to disturb Cassie, Megumi pulled herself up and onto Noel’s chest. His erection was squashed between their bellies, and she stretched her legs out on top of his, as far as they would go.

“I could not have hoped for a better welcome to Britain. I am so glad that I finally was able to touch the two of you.” Megumi whispered.

“And everything else.” Noel’s hands found Megumi’s buttocks, cupping and squeezing them.

“And everything else.” She kissed his chin.

Cassie made a strange snorting noise, that became a sort of whistle. Megumi and Noel looked across at her. “She doesn’t believe that she snores.” Noel said.

“Was that snoring? Does it count? Ah, but look at her. She is so beautiful.”

“She is gorgeous, and incredible in so many ways. We are lucky to have her.”

“I am lucky to have both of you.” Megumi kissed his chin again. “Do you always wake up excited?”

“Most mornings, I have to admit.”

“Sometimes I wake up horny. If I am lucky, I have the time to…. Make the most of it.” Megumi wiggled her butt, rolling Noel’s erection between them.

Cassie snorted again. Megumi and Noel looked at her. She didn’t seem to be waking up, just sort of snoring.

“I have woken up horny. And I have this lovely penis with which to satisfy myself. But I would not feel it is acceptable if Cassandra does not know about it. It would be like cheating.” Megumi said, speaking half into Noel’s chest.

“Are you saying we should wake her up?”

“No. No, that would be unfair. Let me simply lie here like this until she wakes.”

“I am awake.” Cassie said, though they weren’t completely convinced. “If you two are horny, you should go for it.” She reached out a hand, patting the way across the mattress until she found them. “And I don’t snore.”

“Of course you don’t, darling.” Noel moved his hands around until they were under Megumi’s thighs. He lifted her up, and she gave a little gasp-cum-giggle at finding her butt up in the air. She spread her legs and opened up. He didn’t have to say a word for her to know she should reach down and take hold of him.

With Megumi guiding him into place, Noel let her down again, a little bit at a time. The head of his erection found the edges of her labia, and she pressed it up at them, directing it. The lips parted, and Noel felt the warmth enveloping him. She was very horny, he realised, as his length slid easily into her.

With a little bit of wiggling, Megumi settled into position with Noel inside her. She brought her legs back up to rest atop his again, squeezing him in a delightful way. She kissed his chin again, then lifted a little so that their lips met.

Cassie yawned, and rolled onto her side, facing them. Her eyes were half open, the lids still sleepy, but her smile was fully awake. She was watching them now, perhaps they should do something.

With his hands under her thighs again, Noel lifted Megumi slightly off him. He rocked his hips back and forth, making small, but very pleasant, movements inside her. She clasped his shoulders, and started lifting herself out of his hands at the bottom of each of his mini thrusts. She brought her knees further up his thighs, tilting her hips to change the angle he entered her at. The range of their actions was still small, but he was putting exquisite pressure on her clitoris for the whole of it.

Megumi moved faster as she grew more excited. When she decided the position wasn’t going to work to take her all the way, she pushed herself up from Noel’s chest, and dropped her legs from his to spread on the mattress. Sitting up, she rotated her hips, and moved them back and forth, until she had him as far inside her as he could go.

Staring down at Noel, Megumi had a little smile. It was almost shy. She held her position for a while, steepled fingers just touching his chest as her confidence grew until it showed in her expression. Then she carefully, slowly raised herself up.

In their video sessions, they had seen Megumi do all manner of sexy things. One that she had enjoyed enough to keep coming back to involved her favourite dildo and a firm bolster pillow. She would strap the dildo to the pillow so that it pointed straight up, then sit on it and ride it until she was crying out ecstatic obscenities. When asked whether she was copying her favourite real life position, she had blushed and said she had never felt confident enough with a man to try it out.

But now she was riding Noel much like she did the bolster. She let herself drop back down, and he rammed up inside her. She made sounds that might be words, or could just be randomly connected syllables. Lifting herself up again, she lanced down at Cassie, who had also recognised the significance of the position. They shared huge grins before Megumi dropped down once more.

As Megumi got used to the feeling and the movement, she became smoother and a little faster. Noel sneaked a hand down to rest on his stomach, and extended searching fingers. He found the perfect spot for a probing knuckle to stimulate Megumi’s clitoris as it moved up and down. She slowed for a moment, almost too excited, then adjusted her angle and rhythm to get the most from the touch.

Megumi was crying out with pleasure almost all the way through each cycle up and down. The tumble of words and sounds rolled together until she ground down against Noel with a long squeal. She dropped forward onto his chest, her hips still making little jerks in time to the pulse of her orgasm.

He was close to climax as well. Wrapping arms around her, he held her tight as he began the little thrusts with his hips again. They were soon happening with a ragged tempo, until he pressed up against her, and pulled her down to him, and pumped semen deep inside her.

“Now, there’s a sight to start the day with.” Cassie said as her two lovers lay panting in each other’s arms. “I’ve definitely woken up now. You two rest for a while, I’m getting first dibs on the shower.”

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