Sample scene- Love The Weekend

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I love the taste of Samantha, and the way it changes with her excitement. It’s sharp, tangy, maybe with a hint of citrus-y sweetness, which mellows the wetter and more excited she gets.

She tasted particularly mellow, and very hot, after a long session of teasing from my tongue. I’d started by kissing my way up the insides of her thighs, then licking the crease where they met her crotch. Close to her sex, but cheekily avoiding it. There was only so long either of us could keep that up, and I’d soon been helping her labia get wet as they puffed up with blood. I’d kept moving, lingering on spots that got the best sounds from her. She’d come once already, but she hadn’t told me to stop, and I didn’t want to.

In fact, I wanted to go a bit further, and try something we hadn’t done yet. We’d worked out rules for this, for mid sex changes of direction. It wasn’t complicated, I just had to ask. Mouth right over her sex, close enough to feel its warmth, I asked, “Want to try something new?”

I looked up- taking in the dark red patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair, the light curve of her belly, the shallow valley between her lovely little breasts- to see if she had heard me. Her shoulders were propped up on pillows, so she could see what I was doing. Her face was flushed, and sweat had tacked a couple of strands of errant red hair to her forehead. She had that expression that spoke of sexual ecstasy and sensual joy. The one I would do almost anything to inspire. And she had heard me.

There was almost disappointment in her lovely green eyes. She could happily have let me lick and kiss for hours. But the prospect of something new held a promise of more excitement. “What do you want to try?”


We’d talked about it often enough, and I’d slid fingers and butt plugs into her behind before- and she mine- but, somehow, neither of us had licked the other down there yet.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Sam said, grinning. “Should I roll over?”

She was already moving to flip onto her front. I hoisted her left leg over my head, helping her, then I clasped a butt cheek in each hand, landing the grabs as light slaps. She wriggled as I squeezed and pressed them.

Hugging the pillow like a lover, she pulled her knees up to raise her butt. I slipped my left hand down to her knee, then back up the inside of her thigh. Reaching her crotch, I found her hot and wet from my tongue’s attentions. Two fingers slid easily into her. She pushed back against them, lifting her backside higher, into just the right position for me.

She was giving me the most intimate view possible. I lingered a while to enjoy it. With her legs spread, parting her buttocks, her arsehole was on display for me. That tight little hole was going to get so much attention this weekend, starting now. I should think of something better to call it. Arse, bum, behind, back passage, anus, sphincter. All usable, but none seemed quite right. I am a writer, after all, I should be able to conjure up just the right word.

Whatever I was going to call it, it was waiting for me. Slightly darker than the skin around it, little creases in her skin radiated out of it, like the twinkles a child might draw around a star.

That wasn’t all that was under my gaze. Sam’s labia were puffed up and red from all the attention I’d given them already. I spread my fingers and split them, getting a look deep inside her, dark pink and glistening. She made a little sigh, but bucked her hips to remind me of what I was supposed to be doing.

I started by kissing my way up her thigh, as I had earlier. My fingers moved slowly in and out of her, keeping her hot, but not distracting from what my tongue was doing. I flicked the tip across the skin between the two entrances, the perineum. This was a sensitive area as well, judging by the way her breathing sped up.

My tongue traced a path up the slope of one buttock, jumped across, then came down the other. By this point, I was teasing myself almost as much as her. I’d had a hard on for so long that its stiffness was almost becoming painful. The more I played with her, the worse it was going to get.

Flicking my tongue around the rim of her arsehole might not provide relief for me, but it would distract. I went for the prize, and she made a strange hissing, giggling sound as she drew in a breath and gave voice to the odd new sensation.

It had a different flavour to her pussy. Darker, more bitter. I could be tempted to say smoky. There were no juices, but for my own saliva, to change the way she tasted as I excited her. Just skin, and warmth.

I pressed the flat of my tongue over the hole, and ground against it. “Fuck.” she said, quietly. Then, long and drawn out, “Fuck, yeah.”

My tongue started dancing around the entrance to her behind, tasting it and getting it wet. I pressed the tip against the ring of muscle, pushing it a little way in. All the while, my fingers in her pussy were moving in and out, and round and round, as her body gyrated and bucked in response.

“I want a finger in there as well. Fuck my arse with your fingers. Fuck me.” she groaned.

There was no way I was going to ignore an order like that. I love it when she gives dirty commands.

I wonder how many people would be shocked to hear such a string of obscenities come from her pretty pink lips. Samantha can appear so sweet and innocent when she wants to. But, not so deep down, she’s a passionate, wonderfully dirty woman. Who knows what she wants, and is happy to ask for it.

We had tubes of lube on the bedside table, ready for use over the weekend, and I could, just, reach one without taking my fingers out of her pussy. It was clumsy, biting down on the cap and twisting the tube to open it, but the other hand was busy moving fingers in and out of Sam.

“Hold still.” She tried, but couldn’t keep from moving around. I squeezed a little of the clear liquid out, and the ring of muscle twitched as it hit. I swirled the tip of my finger around in the lube, coating the hole and the skin around it. I squirted some more out, pooling it just above the hole so that I could get some on my finger as well this time.

Samantha knew what came next, and was pushing back, trying to help. I let my hand ride her movement at first, then pressed gently. I slid my finger easily in, getting as far as the first knuckle, and she held herself still. Slipping smoothly on the lube, my finger was soon as far inside her as it would go.

There’s a reason people call the sphincter a ring piece. The muscle around my finger was tight. It squeezed me as Sam clenched, as if she wanted to hold it in as I pulled it out again. I pumped it in and out a few times, speeding up, but not too much.

As I started moving my left hand in, as my right hand moved out in a counter rhythm, Sam lifted her head. “Two fingers?” It was part question, part suggestion. Could I? Would I?

I paused, just long enough to coat my middle finger with more lubricant. I pressed it up alongside my index finger, trying to slide it into the hole as well. Slowly, slowly, she opened wider for me, and I had two fingers in her behind. She made a little victorious hiss.

“Fuck me. Fuck my arse with your fingers.” Sam pushed back, urging me on.

I went back to the previous rhythm, pushing fingers into her arse as I pulled them from her pussy, then pulling out of her arse and pushing into her pussy. She twisted her body, turning herself to give me the best access she could.

With her head down, and her left leg hooked up and over my shoulder, Sam was contorted into a strange position. From the outside, we might have looked absurd, but we didn’t care. I kissed the inside of her knee, and kept my fingers moving.

Sam’s climax hit her hard. She made sounds like ecstatic hiccups, which kept time with the muscles squeezing my fingers and her hips jerking. Warm liquid splashed down my left forearm and onto her right thigh and the bed as she ejaculated.