Sample scene- Gina’s Canal Adventure

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Now that they had picked up the four men he’d enlisted from The Gang, and moored the boat on a quiet stretch of canal, she was beginning to wonder if the plan could possibly work. The cabin was taller than she had expected, though James, and two of the men, had to crouch to keep from bashing their heads on the ceiling. It was the width that would restrict them. Gina wanted to take two men at once- in fact, she wanted to take one in her pussy and another in her mouth, then have James in her arse whilst another of the guys was in her pussy- and she wasn’t sure how they’d do that in the cramped space.

Gina looked at her husband. He was already working out the logistics of it, she could tell. If anyone could make this work, it was him. “So, how are we going to do this?” she asked him.
“You decide which order you want the boys in, and I’ll sort out who goes where, and when. It should come together easily enough.” James grinned when he realised the terrible pun he had accidentally made.

Gina studied the four smiling men crowded into the lounge and kitchen space. They’d been introduced, and she was sure that she could remember all their names. Each of them appeared excited at the chance to be with her, but she wanted to see for sure. “I can’t possibly make a decision until I’ve seen them all naked.”

The boys hardly needed the nod from James, and started stripping. “You too.” Gina told her husband.

“Would you like some help getting undressed as well?” James asked, starting to unbutton his shirt.

“You can all help. Once you’re naked.”

Gina watched as shirts and T-shirts were discarded. Then the disrobing stalled as the men all tried to find an easy way to remove their shoes without falling over or squeezing others into tight corners. Gina sighed at the sight, but bit back on laughing. “Okay. I’ve got an idea that will help. Form a queue. James, get to the back of the queue.” As James squeezed his way to the end of the group of men, Gina sat on one of the benches. “Okay, one by one, come here and sit across from me to take your shoes off. Then, I’ll help you out of your trousers.”

She motioned the first of the men forward. This was Ravi, tall and fit, with dark brown skin and jet black hair. He sat on the opposite bench, and had his trainers and socks off quickly. When he stood again, he only had to take a half step forwards. With his head bent to fit under the roof, he seemed to be curving over the top of Gina.

Ravi’s jeans hung low, held up by hips, just, and revealing the waistband of his boxer shorts. Gina reached out quickly, and unbuttoned the jeans. Released, they dropped to his ankles without encouragement. The black material of his boxers was stretched out, showing the outline of a fine looking erection.

Gina squeezed the shaft through the dark material, then tugged at the elastic of the waistband. The erection shifted, and the head popped out for her as soon as there was a wide enough gap. She licked her lips. The head was fat, and the body obviously long. She was going to enjoy tasting it.

It was a surprise, but not a disappointment, to find that Ravi’s glans was fatter than the rest of his penis. He wasn’t exactly skinny, though, and had a good length. He was circumcised, she noticed. She had never experienced a cut penis before. James still had his foreskin, as did both of their regular male lovers, and all the men she had been with previously. Would it be significantly different, she wondered.

Ducking toward the hard on, Gina flicked the fat head with the tip of her tongue. It twitched, and he made a little sigh. Opening her lips, she gave the head a little kiss, then pulled it toward her to slide them over it. She closed her lips over the warm, fat knob, and ran her tongue over it. He shifted under her attentions, weight moving from one foot to the other as he tried to hold still.

With an exaggerated slurp, Gina let Ravi’s cock out of her mouth. She gave him a smile, before turning to see who was next in line for her help undressing. Ravi sat on the end of the opposite couch to remove his trousers and boxers, whilst Darren sat down to remove his shoes and socks.