Sample scene- Cars & Girls

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Sally bounced up and down and clapped, leading the applause. Wanda grinned, went red, embarrassed, proud and excited in equal measures. Sally offered a hand and helped Wanda up. “Congratulations. Shall we begin?” She gestured toward the mat.

Wanda tugged at the zip on the front of her one-piece, holding it out and offering it to Sally. “Let’s begin here.” she said.

Sally took the zip, and drew it slowly down. Wanda stood with hands behind her back, the arch of her back thrusting her breasts forwards and drawing the sides of the suit apart. It was soon obvious that she wore nothing under the one-piece.

The zip went down to just above Wanda’s crotch. When she had pushed it as far as it would go, Sally ran a finger up either side, pushing them further apart.

Wanda’s breasts were full and firm, and they popped out from the material just before Sally reached them. She whisked her fingers all the way up to Wanda’s shoulders, pushing the material back off them and down her arms. With a little shrug, Wanda made the suit drop all the way to her feet.

Sally stepped back to take in Wanda’s trim body. She was toned from cycling and swimming, muscles defined, but not so ripped that they broke up the smooth curves. Her breasts had a little sag to them, the nipples pointing upwards and a little away from each other as they separated. Her stomach tapered down, narrowing and pointing to her sex. She had shaved her pubic hair, and was sexily bare above the lips of her pussy.

Zoe clapped enthusiastically. “Damn, you’re even sexier than last time girl.”

Wanda grinned at the interruption, reminded of her introduction to The Gang. “I’ve been working out.” she said. “You like?” she asked Sally.

“Oh yes. You’re gorgeous.” They were all gorgeous. Sally knew she was going to feel this thrill every time she saw one of them naked for the first time. She stepped up to Wanda, eager hands cupping the other woman’s breasts, squeezing them and playing with them. Her thumbs flicked across Wanda’s nipples. They kissed, then Sally ducked her head to lick and nibble at the now taut little buds.

Cupping one of Wanda’s breasts in her left hand, Sally ran her right down the other woman’s body. Her fingers paused on the smooth skin of the shaved mons, dancing and sliding across it. Then they moved down toward the warm, inviting pussy lips below.

Sally loved playing with other women. As two of her fingers slid over Wanda’s lips, and slipped into the warmth and wetness, her own sex tingled with sympathetic pleasure. If her mouth hadn’t been full, she would have echoed Wanda’s sigh of pleasure.

Moving her fingers inside Wanda, and enjoying the hip movements they stimulated, Sally let the breast go, and sank slowly to her knees. She ended up with Wanda’s sex at just the right height to kiss and lick. Wanda rested a hand on the top of Sally’s head and gently drew her in, encouraging exploration and stimulation.

Sally’s tongue flickered over the hood covering Wanda’s clitoris, and the elusive little bud soon pushed out for more intimate attention. Wanda squeaked and pressed Sally in even closer as the pink button was stimulated. Both her hands were on Sally’s head now, not just to guide, but also for balance.

Wanda’s breath was coming in ecstatic squeaky gulps, and she had started to grind her crotch against Sally’s face. Sally turned her hand as she thrust her fingers in and out, and got instant feedback on how good that felt. Wanda had a lovely sharp taste to her sex, which, as she became more and more excited, mellowed as she produced ever more lubrication. Sally was just as wet. She wanted to reach down and play with herself. It took all her will to resist. She would soon have someone do it for her.

John had come around to stand behind Wanda and hold her up as the excitement played havoc with her sense of balance and she wanted to topple backwards in joy. He took the opportunity to play with her breasts, and she twisted her head so she could pull him in for a kiss. Sally looked up as Wanda’s cries of pleasure were silenced. She hadn’t noticed her lover’s move, or that the girls had all moved their chairs in closer for a better view. She had been so engrossed in licking and finger fucking Wanda, that the rest of the world had faded away.

Now she had the extra support, Wanda worked her right leg out of her clothes, and hooked it over Sally’s shoulder, opening herself up more to the probing fingers and tongue. She ground against Sally, drawing more and more pleasure from her.

Wanda’s hips started jerking, keeping time with the shouts of joy she made. As she came, John helped her down to the floor, and Sally followed, lapping at her pussy lips and clit as she did. Wanda writhed around under the attention, until she peaked with a loud cry of pleasure.

Sally kissed her way down Wanda’s trembling thighs and stood, unsteady with sexual excitement herself. Her lips, chin, nose and cheeks glistened with her own saliva and Wanda’s juices. She wiped some of the wetness away with her sleeve, and asked, “Who’s next?” Before anyone answered, she held up a finger for a pause, and sat next to Wanda. She kissed the grinning woman’s forehead, nose and lips. “As our winner, would you like some fun with John as well?”