Sample scene- In The Forest

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For a last photo, Helena called the boys in for a group shot. Renée had shivers of anticipation as they crowded around her, close enough to feel the warmth of their bodies. She sheathed her sword so that both hands were free to reach down and squeeze the buttocks of Henry and David. They pressed against her in response. Another squeeze, and their hands were on her thighs in response, working their way up and under the hem of her dress.

Renée tried to keep her focus on the camera, and her smile open. But it was tricky, as fingers were slipping over the curves of her butt cheeks and sneaking under the elastic of her underwear. Briefly, as they found her pussy lips from either side, she bit her bottom lip, holding in the sigh of pleasure. Her smile came back, wider, a little more manic.

With Arthur and TC on their knees before her, Renée was sure the photographer wouldn’t see the movement at he crotch. Derek, making magical look shapes with his arms, off to their right, caught a glimpse of the action, and was grinning himself. Renée caught the expression as she glanced to the side, and they exchanged knowing nods.

She wished she could plant her feet further apart, spreading her legs some more so those naughty fingers could work their way inside her. David and Henry were obviously thinking about the problem as well. One of the hands moved away- Henry’s, she decided as it squeezed her butt cheek on his side- as the other pushed the panel of her knickers aside so it could stroke up and down her wet labia.

A finger found its way between the lips and inside Renée. She couldn’t be sure whether she made any noise, but her mouth dropped open in happy surprise. The photographer had gone out of focus, but the way her head popped out from behind the camera suggested she had seen something.

Renée pressed her lips together, and forced her vision to clear up again. The photographer had a quizzical arch to her eyebrows, and a little smile. She could tell something naughty was going on. It was almost with disappointment that she announced, a few photos later, “Well, I’ve filled up that memory card. I think we’ve definitely got enough shots for today.”

TC and Arthur stood up, but stayed in front of Renée, screening her from the photographer and assistant as David’s finger worked a little further inside her. Derek walked around behind the group, getting a look, then joined them in front of Renée. Henry stepped aside, and she could move her feet further apart.

Renée reached out to brace herself on Henry’s and David’s shoulders. Then she had to take TC’s offered hand as David crouched down.

She could see over the men in front of her, and get a look at the photographer and assistant. They had almost everything in their car, and Helena was distracting them from the scrum that had developed as soon as the photo session had ended. That was good, Renée thought, because there was no way she could keep the excitement and lust from her expression now.

The doors of the photographer’s car slammed shut, and the engine started. That was good timing, because David was on his knees behind Renée now, tugging her knickers down. She moved her feet closer together again, so the underwear moved smoothly down her legs and he could work it past her shin guards easily.

Helena was still in the clearing. When they could no longer hear the crunch of the car’s tyres on the forest road, she walked over to the gate and closed and latched it. Renée lost track of her for a moment, because David was urging her to lift her foot so he could get it out of the knickers. She planted her feet wide apart again when the restriction was removed, and shivered as his fingers started the journey up the inside of her thighs.

Henry helpfully lifted the back of Renée’s dress, so that David could get a good look at her naked buttocks. They swayed for him, reacting unconsciously to the finger that had found its way back into her pussy. His other hand grasped a butt cheek, squeezing it and pulling it a little aside. Then he ducked in close, and flicked the tip of his tongue over the wrinkled hole of her arse.

“Oh my God!” Renée exclaimed. Then, in case he had got the wrong message from her cry, she added, “Do that again!” She pushed back against the eager tongue as it rimmed her, and tried to rotate her hips at the same time, to get the best from the two fingers inside her.

When Renée opened her eyes after a short burst of joyful expletives, she spotted Helena, just the other side of the Derek TC and Arthur. Her director had a huge grin. She had done something similar at the wrap party for their last film, after all, and knew just how much fun Renée was in for.

“Now, we do have more copies of Renée’s costume.” Helena said, “But I’d rather keep this one in good condition. So, if you boys could help her out of it, carefully, I’ll take it back to the studio. And then I’ll come back for you in a few hours.”

“Okay.” Renée managed to say, though it came out as almost a whisper. She nodded eagerly, in case she hadn’t been heard.