Love The Weekend

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Samantha and Greg have a very dirty weekend planned, with some very special loving they promised each other months ago.

But it’s not all non-stop naughtiness- whether in the bedroom, living room, club or alley- they also have time to catch up on Yvette and see how her love life is going, and try not to let any juicy details slip over a Sunday dinner with friends.

Revisiting the characters of Love By The Book, this book is an affectionate and intimate look at Greg and Samantha’s love life now. They’re still in the honeymoon period, but now trust each other enough to push the boundaries even further.

Don’t ask them for pictures, though. The British Government wants to make that sort of thing illegal. Love The Weekend takes a swipe at planned UK censorship laws in the only way that’s appropriate- by depicting, and talking about, some of the perfectly legal acts that the Government doesn’t want you to be able to see.

40% of royalties from this book go to organisations fighting censorship and protecting digital rights.