Daily archives: January 5, 2017

Never Say Never is one of the hot stories in Never Tales 1, available from Amazon. “So, do you have anything you want to do with me?” Julie asked. “Bukkake?” Mark offered weakly. “What’s that?” Paul asked. They both looked at him, somewhat surprised. “It’s Japanese, I think.” Julie explained, “The girl kneels on the floor whilst a load of guys come over her.” “You want to do that?” Paul asked Mark. “It was only a suggestion. The first thing that came into my head.” was the weak defence. “There aren’t enough of you anyway.” Julie ruled. “But all this dirty talk has made me horny, and I’ve never given two guys blowjobs at once.” “You’re sure?” Mark was feeling guilty about his suggestion. “Absolutely.” Julie handed Mark her cup and, as he tried to work out what to do with it and his own, she reached down and quickly […]