Sample scene- Demons In Didsbury

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Adam laid the duvet across the bed. “I can’t believe you’re getting this place rent free.”

“It’s not really rent free. I have to pay the bills, of course, and I’m supposed to go through and decorate and fix all the problems. Have you seen the upstairs bedrooms?”

“They are in a bit of a state, aren’t they.”

“And it’s haunted.”

“Is it, now? You’re the witch, you’ll have to protect me from the ghost.” Adam stepped close to Rose and put his hands through the open sides of her dungarees, running his fingers over her skin. She stood on tiptoes and pulled him down into a kiss.

One handed, Rose unhooked the straps on her dungarees. The loose denim dropped to her feet and she struggled to step out of it. After kicking the dungarees aside, Rose’s hands went to the front of Adam’s trousers. She released the belt, button and zip with ease and reached inside to pull out a long, fat erection. “This is what I moved here for.” she purred.

They pirouetted and danced across the floor to the bed, Adam’s trousers working their way down his legs and making his movements clumsier as he went. Rose sat on the edge of the bed, grasped Adam about the waist and dipped her lips toward his shaft. He sighed as he looked down at the jet black hair moving up and down as Rose took him in her mouth.

Releasing Adam, Rose lay back on the bed. She hooked her thumbs under the band of her knickers and pushed them down her thighs. When she could not reach any further, Adam helped her take them off. “Make love to me. Fuck me now.” Rose demanded.

“Where are the condoms?”

“Don’t worry, I’m safe. I’ve got protection.” Rose reached down and split red labia lips with her fingers, inviting Adam in. He accepted the invitation.

Placing his hands either side of Rose’s shoulders, Adam kissed her. “Help me in.” he asked.

Rose’s fingers found the bulbous head of Adam’s erection and hooked around it. She pulled him closer and he shuffled and bent to get into position.

Rose ran the hot glans up and down her slick slit, teasing Adam and herself, then placed it at her entrance and released it. Adam pushed, slowly but firmly, and slid easily into Rose. She reached down and cupped the cheeks of his buttocks, squeezing them as he started to move in her.

Adam’s thrusts lifted Rose’s buttocks off the bed and moved her across it. He stopped for a moment and lifted her legs over his shoulders. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, he pulled her closer to him. As he stood up straighter, Rose found herself resting on the bed only on her shoulders. Her hands came down to grasp the edge of the mattress.

Rose could feel her orgasm growing, building inside her and sending tingles up and down her limbs. Adam was near as well, his thrusts were becoming shorter and faster. Rose reached up and grasped Adam’s arms as she started to come. She shivered as the ecstasy coursed through her, then redoubled her cries as she felt Adam flood her insides.

Adam gently laid Rose back flat on the bed and slowly pulled out of her. She sighed as he popped out. She had become used to being filled, like the large organ was part of her. Still half hard, Adam glistened with a combination of his juices and hers. The rest of the liquids they’d made were leaking out of her. She giggled as it dribbled onto the floor when she sat up. “More stuff to clean up.” she laughed.