Daily archives: January 3, 2017

Demons In Didsbury is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Adam laid the duvet across the bed. “I can’t believe you’re getting this place rent free.” “It’s not really rent free. I have to pay the bills, of course, and I’m supposed to go through and decorate and fix all the problems. Have you seen the upstairs bedrooms?” “They are in a bit of a state, aren’t they.” “And it’s haunted.” “Is it, now? You’re the witch, you’ll have to protect me from the ghost.” Adam stepped close to Rose and put his hands through the open sides of her dungarees, running his fingers over her skin. She stood on tiptoes and pulled him down into a kiss. One handed, Rose unhooked the straps on her dungarees. The loose denim dropped to her feet and she struggled to step out of it. After kicking the dungarees aside, Rose’s hands went to […]