Sample story- Back Seat

Back Seat takes place during Access All Areas (Amazon, Smashwords), where you get to see one side of the events. Here you see the action from the other side. Victoria and David return in With The Band and Hide And Seek. All three stories, as well as Back Seat and The House Warming, can be found in The Boys Entertain, available from Amazon or Smashwords.

David could never say while he turned around to look out of the coach’s rear window, but he was always glad he did.

The coach was a humming cocoon as it drove down the midnight motorway. David and Victoria were sat on the back seat, the only passengers in the rear half of the vehicle. Both of them were close to nodding off- it was a long, convoluted journey down to London, but it had been cheap.

It might have been the lights of the vehicle following them that attracted David’s attention. Whatever it was, he decided to turn in his seat and look out of the window.

A moment later, he was shaking Victoria’s shoulder, rousing her from her near slumber. “Are we there? Did I fall asleep?” she asked. He shook his head, and pointed out of the window.

Victoria didn’t see it at first. They were being followed by another coach, this one taller and darker. It was a double decker, she realised, and when she looked at the top window, she understood.

Framed in the front window on the coach’s top deck was a naked man. He seemed to be wedged in the window, so that he could arch his hips forward and have his hard on sucked by a red head on the seat beside him. Her face was in profile as it bobbed back and forth, and her bare shoulders could be seen moving in time. As they watched, she paused. Even across the gap between the buses, they could tell she had just climaxed.

The red head’s lips began to move even faster up and down the man’s erection, and it wasn’t long before they could see the twitches of his hips as he pumped semen into her mouth.
“Wow.” said Victoria. She was aware that David was looking across at her, with that little, questioning smile. “Maybe.” she said.

The man in the window was looking in their direction. At first he was too dazed to focus on anything. Then he began laughing and pointed out of the coach, straight at them.

The red head turned around, and four more men appeared in the window. They all appeared to be naked as well. David and Victoria couldn’t hide their surprise at this development. The red head sat up, so that her breasts were on show. She smiled and waved at them.

Victoria pointed at the woman, then at each of the five men sharing the window with her. The question she was asking was obvious, even if they couldn’t hear her as she whispered, “Is she being fucked by all of them?”

The red head said something to the black man nearest her, and he stood and stepped behind her. Hands on her waist, he lifted her and leant forward. One of the other men reached down to help him in.

The woman pressed her forehead against the window as the black man pumped in and out of her. All the time, she kept her eyes on Victoria and David.

They watched the show, turned on intensely. The woman moaned as the man behind her pumped in and out, misting up the cold window.

“I want to do that.” Victoria said. “You, me, and a load of other men. One day.” She was so turned on, her nipples were hard, her breasts tingled, her thighs were warm, and her pussy wet.
“One day.” David agreed. “I’d be really turned on to see you with a bunch of other men.”

As the black man thrust hard, but slow into the red head, his friends joined in with stimulating her. They reached out to play with her breasts, and lower down.

David looked up and down the coach. Certain that every other passenger was asleep or deep in the entertainment provided by their phones, he whispered, “Why not give them a little show in return? I’m sure they’d appreciate it.”

Victoria nodded nodded eagerly. Lifting her T-shirt, and hooking the front around the back of her neck, she revealed her bra. David unhooked the bra and lifted it to reveal small, pale, perfect breasts.

The group on the coach behind them raised a cheer. Victoria felt a flush of exhibitionist glee go through her. The guy who had been getting the blowjob earlier gave two enthusiastic thumbs up. She hadn’t noticed, but one of them had disappeared for a while. Now he had returned, and held a T-shirt against the window. Victoria’s eyes went wide again. “That’s a Ten Inch Dragon shirt! Remember when we went to see them?”

David looked over her shoulder and grinned. “They look different without those wigs on.” he said.

The man with the T-shirt held up a piece of paper with a phone number on it, with his mobile pressed against the window beside it. Victoria nodded understanding, and pulled her phone from her jeans pocket.

As Victoria pressed the phone number digit by digit, David reached around to unfasten the top button of her jeans. As he unzipped her jeans and ran gentle fingers across the front panel of her knickers, she trembled and waited on the line.

“Hello, this is Rick.” Victoria could almost read his lips as he answered the phone. It was a strange connection across the gap to the coach behind them, and it made the whole thing hotter still. “Tell me, am I talking to a young woman in the back of coach on the M6, somewhere near Stoke-on-Trent?”

“You are.” Victoria nodded as she answered. David’s right hand was sneaking into the front of her jeans. Her hips were beginning to rotate of their own volition.

“What’s your name, my dear?”


“Victoria. Lovely name. And your friend?”

“Dave. David…. Oooh.”

“Dave. So, I hope you don’t mind me asking, I don’t mean to be rude, but how old are the two of you?”

“I’m twenty. David is twenty…. one…. In a couple of weeks.”

“Twenty. Excellent. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to put the phone on speaker, so you can talk to the band and they can hear you. Okay?

“Okay. They’re putting us on speaker.”


The man put the phone down. “Okay, you’re on the line with Ten Inch Dragon, and their special guest, Diane. Say hello, boys.”

“Hello Victoria. Hello David.” Three of the band said in unison.

“Hello Victoria…. Dave.” The fourth member, the man still thrusting into Diane, managed after a pause. He sounded close to coming.

“Hey, Victoria, I’m…. Oh yes, just there.” Diane groaned out.

“Are you…. going to have the whole…. band?” Victoria asked. Her voice was a whisper. She groaned as David’s fingers moved in her.

“I hope so…. And their manager as well…. If he’s lucky.”

“Is Bryn as big as they say? We saw Dragon in York, and I was staring at his trousers the whole time.” Victoria said in a breathless jumble of words.

“He is…. He is…. I’m going to fuck him next…. I’m coming! Oh God! Yes!” Diane’s cries were joined by one from the man behind her, as he came deep inside her.

“This is so fucking hot…. Oh yes, Dave…. just there.” Victoria’s voice rose and fell as an orgasm of her own approached.

“Your coach says that it’s going to London. Are you going to London?”

“E…. ventually. It stops every…. where…. in between.”

“Would you like to party with Ten Inch Dragon tomorrow?”

“Like…. Diane is?”

“If you want.”

“We would! Yes. YES!” Victoria shouted as she came. Surprised at the volume of her own voice, she looked around the coach. There was movement, she had woken people up, and some of them were starting to look around. She and David dropped quickly back into their seats, disappearing from view. They shuffled across into the corner of the back seat. Victoria pulled her T-shirt down to cover herself, and clasped the flaps of her jeans together.

David dared to look around the edge of the seat. He shook his head, no-one at the front of the bus was coming back to see what was going on.

Victoria was pressed against the window, and realised that they were turning off the motorway and heading down a slip road. The tour bus was no longer behind them. She picked up her phone and whispered, “Hello?”

“Hello again, Victoria. I hope we didn’t get you in trouble.” Rick answered.

“I don’t think anyone saw. I’m sure they all know, though.”

“So, would you like to come and join us tomorrow night? Or was that just the sound of you coming?”

“Both. It was both. Can we really come and see you tomorrow?”

“Absolutely. The boys would really like to get to know you.”

“And I want to meet David. He seems to have very talented fingers.” Diane added.

“He does. And a big cock. Maybe not as big as Bryn’s….”

“Hey….” Dave said.

“And I have to suck it now. He deserves a blow job.”

“He certainly does. Call me on this number when you get to London, and we’ll sort everything out.”

“Thank you. Bye”

Victoria struggled to put the phone back into her jeans, which were still open. She ran a finger over the front of her knickers, finding the material wet with her excitement and orgasm. “It’s okay, isn’t it? That I said we’d go and…. play with them tomorrow? I got a bit carried away and just said yes.” she asked.

“You mean, that you want to be with the band? Just like you said you did earlier?”

“Yes. I can call back if you don’t want to, and tell them no.”

“Are you kidding? I told you it would turn me on. And remember why we were going down to London in the first place.”

Victoria smiled, and then sighed. They should have been meeting their friend Eniola for two nights in a hotel, far from the possible intrusions of house mates. But her return from Africa had been delayed, and now she wouldn’t be back in Britain until term started again. They had headed down anyway, in the hope that something might come up. And something had.

“She’ll be so jealous. You’re absolutely certain?”

“Absolutely. I mean, look at how excited I am.” After a quick check along the coach, David unzipped his own jeans and pushed his boxers down. His cock popped up, long and fat and proud.

Victoria bent over until her lips could plant a kiss on the head of David’s erection. It tasted salty with pre-cum, and she licked the head to savour the flavour. Grasping the base with one hand, she moved her mouth down its length.

“We’re entering a town.” David said. Victoria nodded understanding- they might be stopping soon- and he gasped in pleasure.

Victoria pressed and waggled her tongue over the sensitive head of David’s hard on as she moved her head up and down. He moaned, quietly, all the praise and encouragement she needed to carry on. She was aware of shadows rushing across the seat beside them as they started passing under street lights.

David’s gasps were almost in time with the bands of light and dark moving over the fabric as Victoria bobbed her head faster and faster. He tensed up, pressing himself back against the seat, and she felt the semen pumping up his shaft.

Swallowing everything, Victoria kept on sucking at David until he sank back down from his orgasm, and hissed quietly at the tender sensitivity of his glans under her tongue. With one last swirl of her tongue, she sat up again. David grabbed her neck and pulled her to him to kiss her.

The coach slowed, and pulled in to a stop, where a couple of other travellers were waiting to board. David and Victoria quickly zipped up. With teasing pleasure, he helped her small, firm breasts back into her bra and fastened it.

They sat quietly as the new passengers walked up the coach and chose seats a few rows ahead of them. The coach started moving again soon after. Victoria rested her head on David’s shoulder, and drifted off into a pleasure warmed sleep, not waking until they reached their destination in London.