Daily archives: January 2, 2017

Back Seat takes place during Access All Areas (Amazon, Smashwords), where you get to see one side of the events. Here you see the action from the other side. Victoria and David return in With The Band and Hide And Seek. All three stories, as well as Back Seat and The House Warming, can be found in The Boys Entertain, available from Amazon or Smashwords. David could never say while he turned around to look out of the coach’s rear window, but he was always glad he did. The coach was a humming cocoon as it drove down the midnight motorway. David and Victoria were sat on the back seat, the only passengers in the rear half of the vehicle. Both of them were close to nodding off- it was a long, convoluted journey down to London, but it had been cheap. It might have been the lights of the […]