Sample scene- I Have Never….

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Mark looked across at Paul. It was hard to tell under the street lights, but the boy appeared to be blushing again. He was blonde and twinky, quite pretty in the way that Mark had always known he’d go for. “Do you think about sex with another man.”

Paul nodded, “Quite a lot. I’m a crap bisexual, I can’t get it on with a man.”

They both lived on the same street, Paul at the opposite end to Mark. As they neared Mark’s house he decided to take a risk. “Do you want to? We could, y’know….” Now it was his turn to blush.


As they climbed the stairs to Mark’s flat his heart started beating far harder than the exercise merited. He hadn’t so easily and casually got himself into a situation where sex was imminent ever before. Whatever came next was going to be all new.

When he had closed the flat door they stood in the small hallway for a while. “Do you want a whisky?” Mark asked.

“Please.” Paul croaked.

When Mark returned from the kitchen with two large measures of whisky Paul was still standing in the hallway. “Lets go into the living room.” Mark suggested.

They sat side by side on the sofa. Paul swirled his whisky around the glass. “So, er, what do we do now?” he asked.

Mark knocked back the rest of his whisky and put the glass aside. “Well, if you’re sure about this.” Paul nodded. Mark slid off the sofa and placed himself on the floor before the younger man. “Sit back.”

Paul made himself comfortable against the cushions of the sofa. His breathing had sped up as he stared down at Mark. He too drained his whisky and put it aside. They looked at each other for a moment, then Paul gave the slightest of nods. Mark smiled. He reached up, pushed Paul’s T-shirt up and released his belt.

Carefully, trying to hide the nervous tremble in his hands, Mark undid the buttons on Paul’s jeans one by one. By the time he had reached the last one he could feel the warmth and solidity of what lay beneath the black boxers. “Lift up.” he suggested. Paul raised himself slightly off the seat so that Mark could pull the jeans and boxers all the way down his legs.

Mark’s gaze had followed the clothing down to Paul’s feet as he had pulled and pushed it down, so he didn’t see the prize he’d uncovered until he looked up again. Paul’s cock was slim and pale, rather like its owner. It lay along Paul’s right leg, twitching and growing as Mark stared at it. The erection grew and stood up, the foreskin pulling back to reveal a deep red head.

Mark spread Paul’s legs so he could move closer. He move a finger up one side of the hard on and back down the other. Paul shivered. Mark moved in close, so he could feel the warmth of the erection against his cheek. He nibbled with his lips from the hair at the base all the way to the tip. Here he flicked out his tongue and swirled around the head of Paul’s cock.

Mark licked his lips and pooled saliva in his mouth. With fingers wrapped halfway down Paul’s cock he dipped to swallow the head and as much of it as he could take. Paul sighed and squirmed. Mark slurped up and down the dick, taking in a little more each time. He stopped with just the head in his mouth, feeling it twitch against his tongue.

Paul was staring at what Mark was doing. He bit his lip and shifted slightly. When Mark released his hard on Paul made an involuntary little noise. Mark smiled. He reached down and gently lifted Paul’s balls so he could kiss them and, very gently, suck them. Then he licked Paul’s cock from base to tip and back again. Paul threw his head back and grasped the cushions on the sofa.

Teasing Paul, Mark licked all around his cock, flicking at the head as it twitched. Then he dived back to sucking it again. With the head in his mouth he swirled his tongue around it and started sucking up and down again.

Paul grasped Mark’s shoulder. “Gonna come.” Mark nodded, but carried on sucking. Paul’s cock started twitching as it pumped semen up its length. Mark drew it out until the head was only just in his mouth, so the clammy liquid landed on his tongue. Paul’s cock was still pumping out little drops of come when Mark let it slip from his lips. He swirled the semen around his mouth and swallowed it. Then he licked a drop from the tip of Paul’s still hard cock. Paul jumped and made a little hiss.