Contact Adventures

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Contact Adventures is available from Amazon and Smashwords. This scene is just an interlude in amongst much more naughtiness.

“Oh hell yes, he passes!” Maria exclaimed as the video ended. “He’s got a gorgeous cock hasn’t he?”

“Oh yes. It was awesome.” Tom agreed, breathlessly.

“Do you want that big cock up your arse?” Maria asked. “Please say yes. I want to watch him as he fucks you like this.”

Tom was on all fours before his wife, who was slowly and lovingly thrusting a strap on dildo in and out of his backside. She ground her hips as she pushed it as far in as it would go. A ribbed section on the end of the dildo rubbed against her mons and teased her clitoris, turning her on as much as him. “Let’s watch it again.” she said as she pulled out of her husband.

The camera was attached by a cable to the flatscreen television in their living room. Tom picked it up and, distracted as Maria pushed the dildo back into him, fumbled with the controls until the video started again.

“It’s a beautiful cock.” Tom said, as it appeared on screen again. “Do you want it? Do you want it in your cunt? Or up your arse?” His questions came out in short bursts as Maria thrust in and out of him.

Maria held the dildo deep inside Tom’s arse. “Oh God, yes! I want him in my pussy and you in my arse, at the same time.” She didn’t know how close to coming Tom was, but she knew what she wanted from him now. Releasing the clips on the side of the harness, Maria left the dildo deep inside her husband and dropped onto her back on the floor beside him. “And I need you to fuck me now. I need that cock inside me.” She spread her legs wide and reached down to split the wet lips of her pussy.

Tom moved between Maria’s legs. He was hard and she was wet with excitement. The fat red head of his cock rubbed along the puffed up lips of Maria’s labia, then squeezed between them easily. Tom sank his whole length into his wife, his groan matching hers as the dildo rubbed against his prostate when he moved.

They stayed locked close together for a while, glancing up at the action on screen as Tom gave Jon the blow job again.

Slowly and carefully, Tom pulled out of Maria, then thrust just as gently back into her. She hooked her long legs around his, lifting one until it pressed against the strap on harness and pushed the last little bit of it into Tom’s arse. This spurred him on to move faster again. He lifted himself up, resting his weight on his arms, so that he could look down on the expression of ecstasy on his wife’s face as he started fucking her harder and harder.

Tom held back his orgasm longer than he had expected to and, with the timing they had built up over years of love making, Maria came just before he started pumping semen deep inside her.