Cassie On Video

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Today’s scene is from Cassie on Video, which is available from Amazon or Smashwords.

Back in her flat, Cassie unpacked the new camera and read the quick start instructions. She started charging the battery and went for a shower. The light on the charger was green by the time she returned.

The living room wasn’t the right place. Her flatmate was out, Thursday was one of the nights she regularly stayed over at her boyfriend’s, so she wasn’t going to interrupt, but her laundry was drying on racks by the window and in front of the radiators. The room was too messy. Cassie took the camera to her bedroom.

There was only a single bed in Cassie’s room. It gave her more space for a desk and storage, and she hadn’t been expecting to need a double. It would be very cosy sharing the bed, but she hadn’t had Noel stay over yet. He had a double bed and lived by himself, so his place was always a better option.

After a quick study of the camera’s instructions, Cassie worked out how to record video. She placed the camera on her desk, pointing at the bed, and set it recording. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked into the lens and wished she had thought more about how she was going to do this.

She should have chosen something better to wear- better to take off- she thought. As it was, she only had on an over sized blue T-shirt and plain white knickers. If she stopped and went looking for alternative clothes, she knew the momentum would be gone and she’d never get the video shot.

“Hi. I got one of the cameras you recommended, and I thought I’d try it out. I thought you might like a little something to remember me by while I’m away. I’m going to miss you so much, and….” Not knowing quite how she wanted to finish the sentence, Cassie stood. She turned around and, over her shoulder, said, “This is what you have to look forward to when I get back from Japan.”

Reaching down, Cassie took the hem of the T-shirt and lifted it until her knickers were revealed. She was rotating her hips to a song in her head, a combination of stripper tunes she half remembered from films and TV. A flush of excitement ran through her, from her groin outwards, and she could feel her skin warming and nipples tightening.

The T-shirt was up as high as Cassie’s breasts now, and she could feel the long, stiff nipples through the material. She pinched them through the cotton, and rolled them between her fingers. It made her shiver, and a little pulse travelled from her crotch to the sensitive points. Cassie laid her head back and let out a little sigh. Her back was still to the camera, her viewer would have to imagine what she was doing. She pulled the T-shirt off and stretched out her arm slowly to drop it, looking back at the camera as she did.

Rotating in time to her imagined soundtrack, Cassie turned to face the camera, grinning at it because she had her left arm across her chest, shielding it from view. She imagined Noel watching her on the screen, knowing he couldn’t touch her when that was what he wanted the most to do. It turned her on.

Cassie sneaked her right hand up to cover her right breast, without revealing it in the move, then put her left hand on her left breast. She squeezed them, then spread her fingers just enough for the nipples to pop between them. Pressing the fingers back together, she caught her nipples and tweaked them. The sharp feeling tugged at her crotch, and she knew she was hot and wet and ready.

But the tease needed to go on some more. Running her hands up to her neck, Cassie revealed her breasts, squeezing them together with her elbows. Then she ran her hands through her hair, piling it on top of her head, then pushing it one side then the other. Arms out wide, she pushed her chest forwards. Her excited nipples stood proud at least half an inch, pointing slightly away from each other and up a little. Her breasts were barely a B cup, small and firm and sensitive, perfectly in proportion with the rest of her body. She liked them just the way they were and, importantly, so did Noel. Clasping her hands behind her head, she let the camera get a good shot of them for him to enjoy.

Cassie’s hands came down again, sliding along the slope of her breasts until she could tweak her nipples, then continuing to her belly then the top of her knickers. Gently, she pushed the waistband down her hips, tugging the triangle of material with it. When the first hairs of her neatly trimmed bush came into view she stopped.

The fingers of her right hand sneaked under the waistband of her knickers and Cassie pushed her hips forward as they explored lower and lower. She ran them through her short pubic hair, then rubbed the sheath over her clitoris. This made her shiver, a mini orgasm tingling through her body. She moved lower, down to the warm, puffed up lips of her sex, and then into it.

Cassie’s pussy was wet and hot. Her fingers slid in and out easily, warming her and turning her on ever more. She rarely got this turned on without help. Noel’s tongue and fingers could do this to her, but not her own hands.

It had to be the camera. Cassie knew that Noel was watching this, some time in the future. She imagined what it was doing to him, turning him on, making his lovely cock hard. So hard he had to reach down and let it loose, play with it, rub it up and down.

Cassie came. A little orgasm making her press her thighs together, clench her buttocks and bend at the knees and waist to keep it in. She let out a whimper of joy.

“See what you do to me?” Cassie said to the camera lens when she was able to look up again. Her breathing had sped up, and her cheeks were warm with a happy blush. “I think I need to sit down for a while.”

Cassie dropped back without looking, and ended up just perched on the end of the bed. She hadn’t let her fingers out of herself, and they soon started moving again. “Oh, that’s good. Not as good as you, but…. Good.” She dropped back to lie on the bed.

“I’m being selfish.” Cassie said to the ceiling. “I should let you see what I’m doing, shouldn’t I?” She couldn’t pull her right hand from its rotation in and around her pussy, so she clumsily pushed her knickers down with her left. Somehow, she got them to her knees, then let them slide down to the floor.

Spreading her legs, Cassie gave the camera a view of the fingers working her up to her next orgasm. Two of them pushed in and out, then, occasionally, she stopped to rotate them around her clit and mons.

Maybe her hand was blocking the camera’s view of her pussy, she thought. It took a lot of effort, but she pulled her fingers out, slowly and sensually, then moved them up to press at her mons just above the hood of her clitoris. She imagined what she was showing now. Her lips were open, she could feel them, pouting at the lens. The knowledge that the glass eye was taking it all in was enough to push her on toward another, bigger and better, orgasm.

Her clitoris had pushed out past the sheath it normally hid behind. It demanded attention, even though Cassie knew it might be more than she could take. Her circling fingers moved lower, moving the sheath on her clit and making her butt and hips twitch in time. Still slick with her own juices, they slid over the sensitive little bud and she squealed.
The sensations were intense, incredible, almost too much. She wanted to experience them again. She flicked her fingers over her clit, squeaking and jerking as she did. Again and again she did it, until it was too much and she had to stop.

The intense stimulation had left Cassie right on the edge of orgasm. Sitting up again, she pushed three fingers into herself, as far as they would go. She ground against them, thrusting them in and out faster and faster and letting out mounting cries of joy. Her climax was building and building.

Cassie came, pure pleasure pulsing out from her crotch and setting off lights behind her eyes. She was so caught up in the ecstasy of the moment that she slipped off the bed, to curl up on the floor in a panting, sighing heap.

When she had recovered enough, Cassie struggled to her feet and walked over to turn the camera off. “I hope you enjoy watching the show as much as I enjoyed making it.” she said as she picked it up to put back in its box.