I’m having a little sale

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Omni1cvr-800As you wait for my next book, I thought you might like to try some of my earlier stuff. So I’ve dropped the prices on the first nine Mary Tales Shots, the three collections, and the Omnibus.

If you shop on Smashwords, you can find the shorts all conveniently together on this page. The collections are at this page.

It’s a little trickier if you want to buy from Amazon, because some of the books have been stuck in the ‘Adult Dungeon’. So, here’s a list with links-

Bi Boys’ First Times is free

Bi Boys Play Away

Bi Boys and Girls At Play

I Have Never

Mary Tales Shots #5

Tied and Teased

Sex In The Woods

One Dirty Night In Paris

Never Say Never

Mary Tales 1

Mary Tales 2: Bi Boys’ Tales

Mary Tales 3

Mary Tales Omnibus 1

For the completist, Mary Tales 1 is almost entirely stuff that I haven’t published elsewhere, Mary Tales 2 collects the first four shorts, and Mary Tales 3 collects 5,6,7 and 8. The Omnibus collects all three collections, so it has every story apart from Never Say Never, making it the best value overall.

If you haven’t caught up with the shorts yet, now would be a great time to do it.