For Patreon supporters- Death at the Swingers’ Party

Death at the Swingers’ Party is a serial erotic murder mystery I’m publishing on the Mary Tales Patreon page. It’s available to $1 a month and above supporters. Here’s a chunk of it (without any really naughty bits, you’ve got to support the Patreon page for the full story).

Part One: Club X

The building to the right was a garage, a single storey box. The faces of many of the bricks were crumbling, and the concertina doors were mottled with rust breaking through the flaking blue paint. On the left was an empty lot, a wall, three bricks high marking two walls of the building that had been there. During the day, it might be used as parking, but at this time of night it was empty.

Carl had taken a couple of virtual trips around the area on Street View, so he knew what it was like. It was full of light industrial units and small warehousing and distribution concerns. Not the sort of place you’d expect to find a club. But this particular venue was specialist. Its clientèle sought it out, rather than dropping in on a whim.

There was only one building the club could be in, the next one on the left. It was two storeys tall, and there was newer brickwork where there had once been an opening wide enough for vehicles. The front of the structure had been painted white recently, with the door standing out in a satin black.

Carl checked the fit of his shirt again. What he wore wasn’t going to be a big issue, he told himself, but he was suddenly became self conscious about it as he neared the door. Not that he could see the door yet. The sign hadn’t been obvious online, either. They did like to be discreet at Club X.

The sign was a square beside the door, the club’s name cut out of brushed aluminium, backed by cherry red plastic. Beside it was a buzzer. Carl’s hand faltered over the button for a moment before he pressed it.

The door opened almost immediately, making Carl jump. The woman on the other side had a little smile at that. “Are you here for the newbie session?” she asked. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

“I am. Errr….”

“Come on in.” The woman stepped aside and gestured for Carl to enter. She was short and wiry, with grey hair tied back in a bun. She looked more like a sprightly granny than the proprietor of a specialist club that hid down a back alley.

Just inside the door, there was a small, waist-high desk fastened to the wall and painted black to blend with it. The top was red of a similar shade to the backing of the sign outside. The woman patted the top of the desk as she led the way past it. “You don’t have to pay yet. If you want to…. stick around after the introduction, I’ll take your cash then.”

The corridor widened, and there were double doors a short way further along. A black and red theme was becoming obvious. The doors were red, but there were black padded and buttoned leather panels in each of them, the folds between the buttons forming repeating diamonds. The leather was soft as Carl ran a finger across it.

The doors opened into a fair sized room, where the red and black theme continued. At the far end was a small bar, behind which a forty-something man wearing a crisp white shirt and red waistcoat was cleaning glasses. To the right of the bar was a single door, painted in red and black checks. Another door, plain red this time, was halfway along the right hand side wall. The rest of the room was taken up by small, tall circular tables with stools around them. Each was just large enough for four people to put their glasses down as they sat around it. They were spaced far enough apart that conversations could remain discreet without having to whisper.

The woman walked over to the bar, confident that Carl would follow. “This is Keith, he has the exciting job of serving everyone drinks tonight. Soft drinks only, but they are free. If you brought anything alcoholic, you can leave it with Keith and just keep popping back.”

“I didn’t think of bringing any booze.” Carl wondered if that was a faux pas.

“That’s quite alright. Some people like to be a little tipsy, some don’t. I’m Moira, by the way. I should have a name badge, maybe. My husband is Don, he’s just finishing stocking all the rooms up. No doubt you’ll meet him if you hang around.”

“I’m Carl.” It was obviously the time for introductions. He had considered making up a name to use, for anonymity, but decided that lying would just make him uncomfortable.

There was a chiming sound, rather like a stick being run along a row of tuned steel tubes. “That’s the door. You just wait here, Carl. Get Keith to give you a drink. It looks like there are some more newbies to join you.” Moira bustled off.

“Pineapple juice?” Keith offered.


As Keith poured fruit juice into a wine glass, Moira returned, leading a nervous looking couple. They were each around Carl’s height- the man slightly taller, the woman slightly shorter- looked to be in their early thirties, and were attractive. The man had black hair, cut short, a handsome, face with fine cheek bones, and a trim, muscled physique under a close fitting, long sleeved black top. The woman had red hair down to her shoulders, curling in to frame a pretty, heart shaped face. She wore a tight white top, which showed off small and enticing breasts, a short black skirt and knee length black boots. They both stared around the room, taking it in the way Carl had, as they approached. Carl took a sip of the juice, to try to hide the way he was staring.

“This is Carl, he’s new to the club as well. This is….”



Carl shifted his drink, so that he could reach out and offer a hand to be shaken. Paul took the hand for a firm, quick clasp. Tessa faltered for a moment, before lightly wrapping slim fingers around Carl’s hand.

Keith had poured out more drinks. Moira held the glasses out, “Pineapple juice?”

The three newcomers sipped their drinks self consciously. Keith went back to cleaning glasses, and Moira watched the newbies with a little grin. She had walked dozens of nervous first timers through introductions like this, no doubt. “So, have you done anything like this before?” she asked.

“No, not at all.” There was a little bit of squeak to Tessa’s voice. Paul shook his head.

“I met a couple once, in a hotel room. But nothing like this.” Carl said. “That was a while ago, though.”

“So you have some…. experience.”

“Let’s pretend this is different. Like I said, it was a long time ago.” Carl really didn’t want to make the gorgeous couple before him any more uncomfortable by having them think he knew more than them.

“Of course. Let’s take a seat, and I’ll get us started.”

“I suppose you have read up on how we do things here at Club X, but I’ll just quickly go over the basics before we do a quick walk around. If any other newbies turn up, they’ll just have to catch up.” Moira laced her fingers together and smiled as she rested her chin on them.

“So, everyone is here to enjoy themselves. The rules are quite simple, if you keep to them, you’ll love it here. First rule is- consent is everything. Always ask, never assume. If there’s a particular thing you want to try, it’s definitely worth asking. So long as you respect their answer, nobody who comes here is going to be offended if you suggest a kink they’re not into. Most of them will know just who will be up for your flavour of fun.”

“Let’s see. There are public rooms and private rooms. If you’re in a public room you can watch the action, and expect to be watched, so long as you’re discreet. The private rooms are for just the people in them.”

“Now, you can watch, but what happens in Club X, stays in Club X. No cameras, phones or anything like that. They stay in the locker room, which is through there.” Moira pointed at the chequered door by the bar. “You can pick a locker and leave your clothes in it. We have a dress down dress code, after what we call the curfew- which is in about half an hour, when you can expect regulars to start arriving. The dress down code is, for men,” Moira nodded to Paul and Carl, “a towel, shorts, or nothing at all. Women can wear towels, lingerie, sexy clothing, or nothing at all.” She paused. All three of her audience had gone a shade of red, imagining each other mingling naked.

“Let’s take a look around, shall we.” Moira slipped off her stool and headed for the chequered door. She stopped by it, waiting for the other three to catch up with her. “That door,” she pointed at the red door, “goes into the corridor that runs front to back. There’s another one through from the locker room.” She pushed through the chequered door.

Metal lockers ran down the middle of the room, with benches attached to the walls. Moira opened a locker door, and showed the inside off. “Boys’ lockers this side, girls’ the other. That’s the guideline, anyway, lots of folks don’t always keep to that. Leave everything you don’t need in here. Through here is the corridor.”

The corridor did run from the front to the back of the building. At the far end, a spiral staircase went up to the first floor. Moira strode across the corridor and through a door. “This is the main play room, also known as the orgy room.” she announced with a flourish of her arms.

The play room was about the same size of the bar, and was essentially one big bed. There was a gap around the edge of the room, just enough space to walk around the raised box section with multiple mattresses on it. Paul and Tessa gave each other an uncertain look as Moira announced, “It can get pretty wild in here. Another one of the rules. If you’re going to put it in, put one on.” She pointed to a glass fruit bowl on a fitted shelf. It was full of condoms.

They went back out into the corridor and into the next room along. “This is the fun room. Not quite as crazy as the orgy room, but there are still five beds.” There was a double bed in each corner of the room, and a large circular one in the middle. “Sometimes we can have three or four people at a time on each of the beds.”

Next door down the corridor was the bathroom, half of which was tiled and set up as one big shower, with three nozzles side by side along the wall. “There are towels over there, and soap and shampoo. If they run out, just come on to the bar to get restocked. And…. goodness, it’s almost curfew. I really have got to learn how to do these tours faster. Anyway, upstairs, there are four private rooms. You can take as many people as possible into them, and the doors are lockable, so no-one will interrupt you. They’ve each got a different theme, as well. Also upstairs in the film room, which has porn on permanent rotation, and the room we’re going to have the jacuzzi fitted in. It’s closed at the moment.”

Moira had led them back to the bar, where their drinks were still waiting on the table. “So,” she said, “I hope I’ve given you a good idea of what goes on here. Obviously, it’s different when there’s a lot of bodies in here. Our regulars are going to start arriving soon, so, I have to ask whether you’d like to stay tonight?”

Carl had already decided he was going to say yes. But he didn’t want to just jump in. He tried not to look at Paul and Tessa, but couldn’t help himself. They didn’t seem as nervous as they had before. Holding hands, they each had a little smile. Tessa looked at Paul, and made the slightest of nods. Their gazes moved, ever so slightly, toward Carl, and there was another little nod, shared this time.

“We’d like to stay.” Tessa said. “Are you going to stay?” she asked Carl.

“Yes, I am.” Carl hoped he didn’t sound too enthusiastic.

“Excellent. Well, would you like to pay? Do you want to pay the guest rate, or are you thinking of taking out a membership? It’s cheaper per session that way.”

“I’ll just pay the guest rate today. I’ll see how it goes and think about joining then.” Carl said.

“Er, yeah, us too.” Paul added.

“Okay then.”

Carl paid first. It cost more for him, as a single man, than it did for Paul and Tessa as a couple. Such were the economics of swinging. He was given a key for locker 61, on a chain to hang around his neck, and headed for the locker room. He was half undressed when Paul and Tessa came into the locker room. Before stripping themselves, they came over to join him.

“We, er….” Paul began. His hands waved before him as he struggled to find the rest of the sentence.

“Because we’re noobs, and you’re a noob. We wondered if you’d like to join us in one of the private rooms. First, before…. anything else.” Tessa finished for him.

“Yes, Yes, I would.”