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Sample scene- Love By The Book

Love By The Book is available from Amazon and Smashwords. The sequel, Love The Weekend, is out now and also available from Amazon and Smashwords.

I make sure the door to my room is locked- I don’t want to be disturbed- then I get a small toiletry bag from the cupboard. I put the bag on the bed, unopened, and stretch out with my head propped up by the pillows. I think about it for a moment and stand to slip out of my sweat pants and knickers. Lying down again, I spread my legs a little. It always feels naughty to do this, to be naked, half-naked, when there are people walking around outside. The thought sends a little tingle through my body.

I still need something to turn me on more, and I know just what I want. There’s no need to consult my notes, I remember the name Greg gave me for his erotica writing alter ego. It doesn’t take long to find his stories for sale. There are so many, which slows me down a little. There is a series of tales which have phallic spaceships and other suggestive stuff on the cover. Those will involve the big-breasted spacewoman that Greg mentioned. I don’t have the time for a whole story, I want a short story. But which one, there are so many of them. The answer lies half way down the page. There’s an omnibus collection of his short stories. It costs seven pounds, but he did buy me lunch and Mojitos. It’s downloaded almost as soon as I’ve ordered it.

Rather than worry over which story to read, the same way I dithered over which e-book to buy, I start with the first tale in the collection. The set-up is simple enough- a man meets his neighbours when they move in, and helps shift some of their furniture. A couple of days later they invite him around for a meal, where the conversation quickly turns rude. Before long, the wife is serving pudding in the nude whilst her husband and the neighbour are comparing the sizes of their erections. At the wife’s suggestion, the husband soon goes down on the neighbour.

That surprises me, and turns me on. I’d have thought that man on man would never do it for me, but the exuberance of the scene sweeps me up and carries me along with it. Propping the tablet up with my left hand, I push my T-shirt up with my right until the fabric’s pushed back just past my nipples. I run light fingers up the small mounds of my breasts, back and forth between the two of them, then concentrating on the right. I circle the areola then flick and tweak the nipple.

As the story goes on- though I’m reading it in ever more distracted bursts- I need to put people in the story. It’s Greg’s tale, so he’s the husband. But without the beard. I’m not sure what he looks like without his beard, but this is my fantasy, so he’s really handsome. The neighbour is Greg too, somehow, and that’s not weird. at all. I am the wife. She’s blonde in the story, but she does have small, perfect tits. By now in the story she’s sitting on the neighbour’s face and urging him to lick her deeper and deeper.

My hand slides down my body and I spread my legs. I rub gently along the outsides of my labia and then over them, feeling them soft and warm and a little slick. One of the lips comes out further than the other, I gently push it aside and spread them. Needing a little lubrication, I bring my hand back and lick and suck my fingers, getting them wet. When I reach down again, they slide more easily between the splitting lips. My forefinger pushes easily into me. I move it in and out slowly, then build up the speed and push another finger in.

Soon, I’ve got three fingers in myself, and the juices are flowing. On the tablet, the wife has slid down the neighbour’s cock and the husband has come around so that he can move his prick between her mouth and the neighbour’s. But I’m not really concentrating on them any more. I put the tablet down- they can carry on without me- and fumble for the bag with my left hand. My right hand slides out and fingers settle either side of my clit’s hood. I squeeze and gently move them from left to right, then in little circles, shivering with the step up in pleasure.

My left hand closes around what I was searching for. The vibrator is the pinkest thing I own, but it’s very quiet and waterproof. I haven’t dared use it in the shower yet, but it’s nice to know I could. It always feels a little dry at first, so I take the tip in my mouth and suck and lick around it. Then, holding it awkwardly, I twist the knob at the end until it’s buzzing just enough to be heard. I tease a nipple with it, rubbing my clit harder at the same time. I’m getting closer, and I want to shout out my pleasure. But I don’t want the rest of the flat to hear. Transferring the vibrator to my right hand, I pull up the sheets with my left and wad up a corner to bite on.

I move the vibrator around and through my pubic hair, feeling the buzz through the bone and muscle. Then I move it down, closer and closer, until it touches my clit. I bite harder on the blanket and close my eyes. That was a little too intense, even when I’m this excited. But I’m getting closer, ever closer. There’s something tight and tensed between my legs, waiting to break free and flow through the rest of my body. Running the vibrator over my labia just teases the orgasm building inside. I rub it up and down some more, getting it slick with my own juices, then change the angle to slide it in.

Now I remember the story again. I don’t know what they’ve been up to, but on my bed in my room, Greg is sliding his hard cock into me, and we’re both about to climax. I angle the vibrator so that it shakes and stimulates my clit without touching it and start pushing it in and out. Two, three, four thrusts and I’m coming, all my muscles tensing and then the warm, beautiful thing pulsing out from deep in my vagina and through my body. Squeaks and squeals escape past the blanket, and the bed creaks as I move on it. I’ve squeezed my legs together, trapping my hand and the vibrator, and the buzz drives aftershocks through me.

Slowly, slowly, I pull the vibrator from me, and let the little mini-orgasms subside. I pull the blanket from my mouth and lick my dry lips. I don’t know how that was for Greg the vibrator, but it worked for me. There’s a little tear running down my right cheek, always a sign that I’ve come hard. I don’t think Carl has ever featured in a fantasy that’s managed that. He certainly hasn’t achieved it in real life.

Best not to think about that and bring the mood down. I close my eyes and let the afterglow warm me.

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Sample scene- I Have Never….

I Have Never…. is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Mark looked across at Paul. It was hard to tell under the street lights, but the boy appeared to be blushing again. He was blonde and twinky, quite pretty in the way that Mark had always known he’d go for. “Do you think about sex with another man.”

Paul nodded, “Quite a lot. I’m a crap bisexual, I can’t get it on with a man.”

They both lived on the same street, Paul at the opposite end to Mark. As they neared Mark’s house he decided to take a risk. “Do you want to? We could, y’know….” Now it was his turn to blush.


As they climbed the stairs to Mark’s flat his heart started beating far harder than the exercise merited. He hadn’t so easily and casually got himself into a situation where sex was imminent ever before. Whatever came next was going to be all new.

When he had closed the flat door they stood in the small hallway for a while. “Do you want a whisky?” Mark asked.

“Please.” Paul croaked.

When Mark returned from the kitchen with two large measures of whisky Paul was still standing in the hallway. “Lets go into the living room.” Mark suggested.

They sat side by side on the sofa. Paul swirled his whisky around the glass. “So, er, what do we do now?” he asked.

Mark knocked back the rest of his whisky and put the glass aside. “Well, if you’re sure about this.” Paul nodded. Mark slid off the sofa and placed himself on the floor before the younger man. “Sit back.”

Paul made himself comfortable against the cushions of the sofa. His breathing had sped up as he stared down at Mark. He too drained his whisky and put it aside. They looked at each other for a moment, then Paul gave the slightest of nods. Mark smiled. He reached up, pushed Paul’s T-shirt up and released his belt.

Carefully, trying to hide the nervous tremble in his hands, Mark undid the buttons on Paul’s jeans one by one. By the time he had reached the last one he could feel the warmth and solidity of what lay beneath the black boxers. “Lift up.” he suggested. Paul raised himself slightly off the seat so that Mark could pull the jeans and boxers all the way down his legs.

Mark’s gaze had followed the clothing down to Paul’s feet as he had pulled and pushed it down, so he didn’t see the prize he’d uncovered until he looked up again. Paul’s cock was slim and pale, rather like its owner. It lay along Paul’s right leg, twitching and growing as Mark stared at it. The erection grew and stood up, the foreskin pulling back to reveal a deep red head.

Mark spread Paul’s legs so he could move closer. He move a finger up one side of the hard on and back down the other. Paul shivered. Mark moved in close, so he could feel the warmth of the erection against his cheek. He nibbled with his lips from the hair at the base all the way to the tip. Here he flicked out his tongue and swirled around the head of Paul’s cock.

Mark licked his lips and pooled saliva in his mouth. With fingers wrapped halfway down Paul’s cock he dipped to swallow the head and as much of it as he could take. Paul sighed and squirmed. Mark slurped up and down the dick, taking in a little more each time. He stopped with just the head in his mouth, feeling it twitch against his tongue.

Paul was staring at what Mark was doing. He bit his lip and shifted slightly. When Mark released his hard on Paul made an involuntary little noise. Mark smiled. He reached down and gently lifted Paul’s balls so he could kiss them and, very gently, suck them. Then he licked Paul’s cock from base to tip and back again. Paul threw his head back and grasped the cushions on the sofa.

Teasing Paul, Mark licked all around his cock, flicking at the head as it twitched. Then he dived back to sucking it again. With the head in his mouth he swirled his tongue around it and started sucking up and down again.

Paul grasped Mark’s shoulder. “Gonna come.” Mark nodded, but carried on sucking. Paul’s cock started twitching as it pumped semen up its length. Mark drew it out until the head was only just in his mouth, so the clammy liquid landed on his tongue. Paul’s cock was still pumping out little drops of come when Mark let it slip from his lips. He swirled the semen around his mouth and swallowed it. Then he licked a drop from the tip of Paul’s still hard cock. Paul jumped and made a little hiss.

Sample scene- Contact Adventures 2: First Timers

Contact Adventures 2 is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Hannah took Greg’s hand. He took Vanessa’s. She took Mike’s. Hannah led the crocodile down the corridor to the bedroom.

It was a large room, with a very large bed in it. They formed a huddle at the foot of it, bare skin rubbing against bare skin. Hands sneaked everywhere, stroking and gently squeezing. They kissed each other’s shoulders and backs, necks and ears. Nip by nip, they moved, turning until Hannah stood before Greg, and Vanessa before Mike.

The girls looked across at each other, then leant closer to kiss, deep and hard, tongues playing together. Still kissing, they dropped to the bed. Even as the men stepped closer to them, they continued, hands reaching out to play with each other’s breasts and tweak at nipples.

“Ahem. I think we came through here for something else.” Mike said, moving his hips so that his hard cock waggled in front of Vanessa. As she wasn’t looking in his direction, this didn’t make much difference. Greg decided to try something a little more direct, and tapped the head of his cock against Hannah’s cheek.

Hannah broke the kiss and glanced around. Realising what she was being poked with, she collapsed onto the bed in a fit of giggles. Briefly confused, Vanessa was equally amused when she realised what the hilarity was about.

As the women cackled on the bed, Greg turned to Mike, and they shared a shrug. Hands on hips, they stood over the bed, slowly subsiding erections still sticking out before them.

The laughter subsided, until Vanessa and Hannah were lying back, getting their breath. Still pink from her outburst, and smirking as if ready to set off again, Hannah sat up. She shuffled into position before Greg, and laid her hands on his waist.

Vanessa struggled up to sit beside Hannah, moving into position before Mike. Greg looked down to see Mike’s cock bobbing before Vanessa’s mouth, just as it had before his own, not so long ago. It turned him on, and he could feel his ball sack tightening as he got harder. His excitement was pushed even further as warm lips closed over the head of his knob, just as he saw Vanessa’s engulfing Mike’s glans.

Hannah’s lips slid down Greg’s cock, and he had the double stimulation of watching Vanessa do the same to Mike’s. In near perfect time, the girls brought their lips back up, until their tongues swirled around deep read knobs. Both men made appreciative sounds.

Both Mike and Greg were hard now, as stiff as they could get. Hannah and Vanessa looked at each other and nodded. They shuffled up the bed and lay back, legs open so their feet touched, and arms held up invitingly. The men climbed onto the bed and crawled up it.

Hannah’s pussy lips glistened, wet from Vanessa’s recent attentions. Greg dipped his head and flicked his tongue along their length anyway, tasting her excitement and loving it. To his left, Mike was doing exactly the same to Vanessa. She moaned, a sound Greg had heard so many times, one that turned him on every time. Her left hand found Hannah’s right, and they intertwined fingers together.

Mike started kissing his way up Vanessa’s body, so Greg followed his lead on Hannah’s. There was a gentle, subtle roundness to Hannah’s belly, that complemented the curve from her hips in to her waist and the fullness of her breasts. Greg showed his appreciation of it with teasing nibbles of his lips. The girls made happy sounds as tongues and lips teased across their bellies and made the way up to their breasts.

Greg grasped one of Hannah’s breasts, squeezing it and testing the weight as he moved up to kiss it. Vanessa’s tits were small and firm, with tight, responsive nipples- as Mike was finding out beside them- whereas Hannah’s were full and luscious. Both women loved having their nipples squeezed between the lips of the man working his way up their body. Each man appreciated a different feel, shape and size- taste, almost- to the one they were used to.

Vanessa and Hannah twisted their heads to look at each other. They stared into each other’s eyes as the lovely feelings from their chests sent shivers through them, then, after a few more sucks, Hannah nodded. Vanessa nodded back, and said, “We need you in us now. Fuck us, boys. Fuck us hard.”

Mike and Greg started moving up the bed. Hannah and Vanessa each reached out with their free hands and grasped an erection. They guided the cock heads toward their wet, waiting pussy lips, rubbing them up and down the slick, warm flesh.

Greg’s glans lodged between Hannah’s lips, and she let him go as he pressed his hips down, sliding into her. The warm, wet walls of her vagina closed around him, welcoming him in and holding him tight. It had been a long time since he had been in any woman other than Vanessa. Once he got past the intense, illicit thrill of that, he could sense subtle differences between the woman he had just entered and his lover beside her.

Hannah’s vagina was angled differently to Vanessa’s. The entrance was that little bit further forward, which made more of a difference than he had expected. That, the soft fullness of the breasts his chest rested on, and the gentle roundness of Hannah’s body, made the experience deliciously different from making love with Vanessa. Not better or worse, but definitely different.

Across from them, Mike would be having a similar experience, though it might be less of a revelation, if he and Hannah had done this before. Greg glanced at Vanessa. She looked back at him, expression full of pleasure and love, and mouthed, “Kiss her.” She turned her head, and lifted it to contact with Mike’s lips as he ducked toward her.

Greg kissed Hannah, who enthusiastically kissed back. Their tongues played with each other as he started thrusting in and out of her. Their muffled sounds of pleasure mingled with Mike’s and Vanessa’s.

For a while, Mike and Greg were thrusting in perfect harmony, but slowly, they took up their own rhythms. Greg paused, briefly, to hook his arms under Hannah’s knees and drew them up, until her thighs were pressing against her chest, and he was thrusting into her in yet another new angle.

Hannah grunted heartily, then let out a sigh, every time Greg thrust into her. Mike and Vanessa looked across at the sounds. They paused for a moment, sharing a look. Mike pulled out of Vanessa, and she quickly rolled over and angled herself so she could kiss Hannah and Greg as they moved together. Drawing her knees up and apart, she raised her butt in the air.

Mike squeezed and kneaded Vanessa’s tight butt cheeks as she reached back to find his cock. She guided it to her pussy lips and helped him enter her again. Mike thrust hard, and Vanessa made a happy “Oh!” sound as he pressed hard against her thighs.

Hannah kissed Vanessa, struggling to find her moving lips every time, and planting kisses on her cheeks and nose instead. Greg kissed her neck and ears. As she moved back and forth under Mike’s thrusts. Her sounds of pleasure came closer together, merging into one long cry and sigh as she climaxed. She buried her head in her arms as Mike thrust harder and faster, his own orgasm approaching.

Mike came, almost at the same time as Hannah cried out her own pleasure. The sound she made became a warble as Greg carried on thrusting into her. He let her legs go, and they slid down the side of his body to rest on the bed as he increased the pace of his movements in her.

Lazily, Vanessa moved toward Greg, catching his head and kissing him hard as he came in Hannah. Hannah reached up to embrace the two of them, kissing their cheeks and hugging them. Mike pulled out of Vanessa, slowly, and dropped back to lie on the bed, making a happy sigh as he did.

Greg pulled Vanessa with him as he pulled out of Hannah and rolled away from her. Their sticky, sweaty bodies rubbed against each other as their limbs entwined. Still hard, Greg’s cock found Vanessa’s pussy on instinct, and he slid into her. The squelch of another man’s semen in his girlfriend’s pussy turned him on, and he knew he wasn’t going to get soft any time soon.

Vanessa stretched out along Greg’s body, pressing her legs together and resting them atop his. There was a sigh from beside them. Looking across, they saw Hannah lying on her side, right leg lifted where Mike’s knee was hooked under it. He held her close, and his cock was in her from behind as they spooned and watched Greg and Vanessa.

The four of them rested, breath settling, before they started again. One last go, with their usual partners, and they were going to fall into a happy, heavy sleep.

Contact Adventures

Contact Adventures is available from Amazon and Smashwords. This scene is just an interlude in amongst much more naughtiness.

“Oh hell yes, he passes!” Maria exclaimed as the video ended. “He’s got a gorgeous cock hasn’t he?”

“Oh yes. It was awesome.” Tom agreed, breathlessly.

“Do you want that big cock up your arse?” Maria asked. “Please say yes. I want to watch him as he fucks you like this.”

Tom was on all fours before his wife, who was slowly and lovingly thrusting a strap on dildo in and out of his backside. She ground her hips as she pushed it as far in as it would go. A ribbed section on the end of the dildo rubbed against her mons and teased her clitoris, turning her on as much as him. “Let’s watch it again.” she said as she pulled out of her husband.

The camera was attached by a cable to the flatscreen television in their living room. Tom picked it up and, distracted as Maria pushed the dildo back into him, fumbled with the controls until the video started again.

“It’s a beautiful cock.” Tom said, as it appeared on screen again. “Do you want it? Do you want it in your cunt? Or up your arse?” His questions came out in short bursts as Maria thrust in and out of him.

Maria held the dildo deep inside Tom’s arse. “Oh God, yes! I want him in my pussy and you in my arse, at the same time.” She didn’t know how close to coming Tom was, but she knew what she wanted from him now. Releasing the clips on the side of the harness, Maria left the dildo deep inside her husband and dropped onto her back on the floor beside him. “And I need you to fuck me now. I need that cock inside me.” She spread her legs wide and reached down to split the wet lips of her pussy.

Tom moved between Maria’s legs. He was hard and she was wet with excitement. The fat red head of his cock rubbed along the puffed up lips of Maria’s labia, then squeezed between them easily. Tom sank his whole length into his wife, his groan matching hers as the dildo rubbed against his prostate when he moved.

They stayed locked close together for a while, glancing up at the action on screen as Tom gave Jon the blow job again.

Slowly and carefully, Tom pulled out of Maria, then thrust just as gently back into her. She hooked her long legs around his, lifting one until it pressed against the strap on harness and pushed the last little bit of it into Tom’s arse. This spurred him on to move faster again. He lifted himself up, resting his weight on his arms, so that he could look down on the expression of ecstasy on his wife’s face as he started fucking her harder and harder.

Tom held back his orgasm longer than he had expected to and, with the timing they had built up over years of love making, Maria came just before he started pumping semen deep inside her.

Cassie On Video

Today’s scene is from Cassie on Video, which is available from Amazon or Smashwords.

Back in her flat, Cassie unpacked the new camera and read the quick start instructions. She started charging the battery and went for a shower. The light on the charger was green by the time she returned.

The living room wasn’t the right place. Her flatmate was out, Thursday was one of the nights she regularly stayed over at her boyfriend’s, so she wasn’t going to interrupt, but her laundry was drying on racks by the window and in front of the radiators. The room was too messy. Cassie took the camera to her bedroom.

There was only a single bed in Cassie’s room. It gave her more space for a desk and storage, and she hadn’t been expecting to need a double. It would be very cosy sharing the bed, but she hadn’t had Noel stay over yet. He had a double bed and lived by himself, so his place was always a better option.

After a quick study of the camera’s instructions, Cassie worked out how to record video. She placed the camera on her desk, pointing at the bed, and set it recording. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked into the lens and wished she had thought more about how she was going to do this.

She should have chosen something better to wear- better to take off- she thought. As it was, she only had on an over sized blue T-shirt and plain white knickers. If she stopped and went looking for alternative clothes, she knew the momentum would be gone and she’d never get the video shot.

“Hi. I got one of the cameras you recommended, and I thought I’d try it out. I thought you might like a little something to remember me by while I’m away. I’m going to miss you so much, and….” Not knowing quite how she wanted to finish the sentence, Cassie stood. She turned around and, over her shoulder, said, “This is what you have to look forward to when I get back from Japan.”

Reaching down, Cassie took the hem of the T-shirt and lifted it until her knickers were revealed. She was rotating her hips to a song in her head, a combination of stripper tunes she half remembered from films and TV. A flush of excitement ran through her, from her groin outwards, and she could feel her skin warming and nipples tightening.

The T-shirt was up as high as Cassie’s breasts now, and she could feel the long, stiff nipples through the material. She pinched them through the cotton, and rolled them between her fingers. It made her shiver, and a little pulse travelled from her crotch to the sensitive points. Cassie laid her head back and let out a little sigh. Her back was still to the camera, her viewer would have to imagine what she was doing. She pulled the T-shirt off and stretched out her arm slowly to drop it, looking back at the camera as she did.

Rotating in time to her imagined soundtrack, Cassie turned to face the camera, grinning at it because she had her left arm across her chest, shielding it from view. She imagined Noel watching her on the screen, knowing he couldn’t touch her when that was what he wanted the most to do. It turned her on.

Cassie sneaked her right hand up to cover her right breast, without revealing it in the move, then put her left hand on her left breast. She squeezed them, then spread her fingers just enough for the nipples to pop between them. Pressing the fingers back together, she caught her nipples and tweaked them. The sharp feeling tugged at her crotch, and she knew she was hot and wet and ready.

But the tease needed to go on some more. Running her hands up to her neck, Cassie revealed her breasts, squeezing them together with her elbows. Then she ran her hands through her hair, piling it on top of her head, then pushing it one side then the other. Arms out wide, she pushed her chest forwards. Her excited nipples stood proud at least half an inch, pointing slightly away from each other and up a little. Her breasts were barely a B cup, small and firm and sensitive, perfectly in proportion with the rest of her body. She liked them just the way they were and, importantly, so did Noel. Clasping her hands behind her head, she let the camera get a good shot of them for him to enjoy.

Cassie’s hands came down again, sliding along the slope of her breasts until she could tweak her nipples, then continuing to her belly then the top of her knickers. Gently, she pushed the waistband down her hips, tugging the triangle of material with it. When the first hairs of her neatly trimmed bush came into view she stopped.

The fingers of her right hand sneaked under the waistband of her knickers and Cassie pushed her hips forward as they explored lower and lower. She ran them through her short pubic hair, then rubbed the sheath over her clitoris. This made her shiver, a mini orgasm tingling through her body. She moved lower, down to the warm, puffed up lips of her sex, and then into it.

Cassie’s pussy was wet and hot. Her fingers slid in and out easily, warming her and turning her on ever more. She rarely got this turned on without help. Noel’s tongue and fingers could do this to her, but not her own hands.

It had to be the camera. Cassie knew that Noel was watching this, some time in the future. She imagined what it was doing to him, turning him on, making his lovely cock hard. So hard he had to reach down and let it loose, play with it, rub it up and down.

Cassie came. A little orgasm making her press her thighs together, clench her buttocks and bend at the knees and waist to keep it in. She let out a whimper of joy.

“See what you do to me?” Cassie said to the camera lens when she was able to look up again. Her breathing had sped up, and her cheeks were warm with a happy blush. “I think I need to sit down for a while.”

Cassie dropped back without looking, and ended up just perched on the end of the bed. She hadn’t let her fingers out of herself, and they soon started moving again. “Oh, that’s good. Not as good as you, but…. Good.” She dropped back to lie on the bed.

“I’m being selfish.” Cassie said to the ceiling. “I should let you see what I’m doing, shouldn’t I?” She couldn’t pull her right hand from its rotation in and around her pussy, so she clumsily pushed her knickers down with her left. Somehow, she got them to her knees, then let them slide down to the floor.

Spreading her legs, Cassie gave the camera a view of the fingers working her up to her next orgasm. Two of them pushed in and out, then, occasionally, she stopped to rotate them around her clit and mons.

Maybe her hand was blocking the camera’s view of her pussy, she thought. It took a lot of effort, but she pulled her fingers out, slowly and sensually, then moved them up to press at her mons just above the hood of her clitoris. She imagined what she was showing now. Her lips were open, she could feel them, pouting at the lens. The knowledge that the glass eye was taking it all in was enough to push her on toward another, bigger and better, orgasm.

Her clitoris had pushed out past the sheath it normally hid behind. It demanded attention, even though Cassie knew it might be more than she could take. Her circling fingers moved lower, moving the sheath on her clit and making her butt and hips twitch in time. Still slick with her own juices, they slid over the sensitive little bud and she squealed.
The sensations were intense, incredible, almost too much. She wanted to experience them again. She flicked her fingers over her clit, squeaking and jerking as she did. Again and again she did it, until it was too much and she had to stop.

The intense stimulation had left Cassie right on the edge of orgasm. Sitting up again, she pushed three fingers into herself, as far as they would go. She ground against them, thrusting them in and out faster and faster and letting out mounting cries of joy. Her climax was building and building.

Cassie came, pure pleasure pulsing out from her crotch and setting off lights behind her eyes. She was so caught up in the ecstasy of the moment that she slipped off the bed, to curl up on the floor in a panting, sighing heap.

When she had recovered enough, Cassie struggled to her feet and walked over to turn the camera off. “I hope you enjoy watching the show as much as I enjoyed making it.” she said as she picked it up to put back in its box.

Sample scene- Jiggles and the Archaeologists

Here’s a scene from Jiggles and the Archaeologists, a little naughtiness that hints at the fun to come. You can get Jiggles and the Archaeologists from Amazon or Smashwords.

All the way back from the dining tent Fiona walked alongside Ally, but over an arms length to the side. Occasionally she appeared about to say something, only to stop herself and draw slightly further away for a while. Only when they were in their tent could Fiona bring herself to pose her question, “Will Miss Jig…. Er, Jiggles, be returning this evening?”

“Not if she’s lucky.”

“Oh. Oh…. Do you think she and the Doctor may, er….” Fiona grasped the front of her baggy dress to keep from waving her hands around in any gestures which might reveal how little she understood of the conjugal act. Then she reached her right hand up to her left breast, unconsciously nipping her fingers together to tweak the nipple through several layers of fabric. “But earlier she joined in when you…. I thought she was interested in women, like you are.”

“She is, but she’s also interested in men. The three of us- Jiggles, Ginge and I- are all interested in both men and women. On balance Jiggles and Ginge are more interested in the chaps whilst I prefer the ladies.”

“So it’s not…. Unnatural. To feel that way?”

“Not at all.” Ally took a step forward and reached out a hand. Fiona didn’t step back, but she did release her breast and put her hand out. She grasped Ally’s offered hand, but also stopped her coming any closer. Fiona slid her thumb over the palm of Ally’s hand, sending tingles up the arm, then gave one of her little smiles before looking down at the ground. “It is time for bed.” she announced, “We have a busy day ahead tomorrow.”

Ally hid her disappointment the best she could as Fiona went into her bedroom and fastened the hanging door. It had become dark as they talked- night fell quickly in the desert- and Fiona lit the lamp in her room. When she moved it so that she was between the light source and the wall her room shared with Ally’s it quickly became obvious that she had learnt from the shadow show earlier. Ally grinned and headed into her own room.

Ally was wearing soft leather desert boots, pale lightweight trousers and a blouse which was fitted close enough to be scandalous. Underneath she had on more utilitarian versions of her usual skimpies- high cut French knickers and a brassiere which squashed her firm round breasts together. She was out of all these clothes in a trice. She moved her bed across until it touched Fiona’s through the canvas and stretched out on the cool cotton sheets.

Fiona had been standing, arms clamped over her breasts, whilst she could hear Ally’s preparations. Now that her audience was ready she began her show. She reached behind herself and started unfastening her dress. When it was all undone she shrugged her shoulders and let it slide to the floor.

Uncovered Fiona, even as just a silhouette, was far more alluring than the frumpily dressed version, and she was beginning to understand it. She released her under things and put them aside. Naked, she stretched, thrusting her conical breasts out and up, and did a pirouette. Presenting her stunning profile to Ally she reached her right hand up to her left breast again. This time, without fabric restricting her, she squeezed the nipple so hard she surprised herself and emitted a little squeak. On the other side of the canvas Ally mimicked Fiona’s move, though she sighed at the exquisite pain she had been expecting. Fiona began running the fingers of both hands over her breasts, paying particular attention to the nipples as they stiffened and extended the cones of gorgeous soft flesh into sharper points.

Unable to stay standing any more, Fiona dropped onto her camp bed, mere inches from Ally who traced the outline of her breast where the shadow was cast onto the canvas. With that piece of whimsy over with Ally got down to the serious business of mirroring Fiona’s moves. As they both moved stroking fingers from their breasts down and around their navels their breathing synchronised. From alternating pants and squeals it became stereo moans. Fiona’s fingers moved further south, over the slight roundness of her belly and down between her legs. For all her outward innocence it was obvious she had done this before as her index finger bent to explore the slick lips below her pubic hair.

As they both became more excited their thighs lifted and moved apart until their knees touched through the canvas wall. The warmth of the touch was enough to set them off into little exhortations of joy.


Ally felt the faintest hint of a breeze on her skin. When she opened her eyes she saw star spattered sky above her.


It was as if the tent was no longer there and Ally and Fiona were pleasuring themselves in the midst of an old Bedouin camp.


Shadowy figures watched them whilst others made love nearby. It was all so very real, but in the manner of a vivid dream.

“Yes!” “Yes!”

The ghostly watchers didn’t bother Ally over much- she had always been something of an exhibitionist. If Fiona even saw them she didn’t show any signs of caring.

“Yes! Yes!”





The last cry was delivered as a combined scream, at two slightly different pitches, as the girls came together whilst kept apart by a thin wall of fabric. They both sank back into heavy breathing happiness punctuated by joyous shivering after shocks.

Ally held her hand up to the canvas wall and Fiona placed hers against it. “That was incredible.” she admitted.

“It was, wasn’t it.”

“Yes. I’ve never…. Done that with someone else so near. It was almost as if you were the one doing it to me.”

“Would you like that?”


“Maybe tomorrow.”

“Maybe. Good night Ally.”

“Good night Fiona.”

Tanya’s Visitors- The Gang Book 13

Available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Tanya’s undressed for her guests.

Tanya’s having a very special day at home. She’s lounging around in one of her husband’s shirts, and waiting for her visitors to arrive. They won’t mind that she has so little on, because, soon enough, she’ll be wearing even less.

The Gang exists to fulfil its members’ fantasies of multiple partner fun, and Tanya’s husband Zach has made sure that some of the boys will arrive when he’s not there, so that she’ll have tales to tell him later.

Join Tanya as she greets her visitors, and makes them feel at home in a very intimate, hard and unprotected way. Dark and handsome TC, and blonde and dishy David are the first to arrive, but they’re soon joined by more.

It’s going to be a lazy afternoon that Tanya never forgets.

Making Art – The Gang book 12

art-cvr-200Available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Florence has been commissioned to create a very special piece of art. She’s going to use her body to paint it, with the help of five hot men from The Gang.

Watched by the couple who are paying for the piece, Florence is going to be taken hard and without protection by all five men, leaving her mark on the canvas and making a spectacular picture.

Snookered- The Gang book 11

52980504 - snooker ball on snooker tableUrsula is a skilled snooker player, and she’s going to need all those skills today. Her husband, Arthur is only one of the people she’s playing against, and the stakes are very interesting.

Arthur has four team mates for this match, and they’re taking turns on the baize against Ursula, as they play strip snooker. For every ten points the ‘boys’ score, Ursula must remove an item of clothing. For every ten she got, they all have to take something off.

It’s a race to see who gets naked first. Then, the boys are going to take turns with Ursula in a very different way, not stopping until they reach the messy end she wants from them.

This is going to be one memorable game.

Available from Amazon and Smashwords.