Daily archives: December 24, 2015

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Five hot and exciting tales of multiple partner adventures, one of which has never been available to buy before. The Boys Entertain collects the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th stories from The Gang series, along with a special short which takes place between numbers 8 and 9. The Housewarming Wanda has left her husband and moved into a new, rented house. It could be such a stressful time, but she has the best kind of help. Her sexy cousin, Zoe, has arranged for four hunky members of The Gang to help Wanda move house. And, once the boxes are unpacked and the bed built, they’re going to stay the night and do anything and everything that Wanda wants. After years of dull marriage, Wanda wants a lot. Access All Areas Diane always fantasised about being a groupie, getting taken hard and without protection by the […]