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lips-2-250I’ve just posted another story from the First Times series, for $1+ patrons. This story completes Vanessa and Greg’s first weekend with Hannah and Mike. It will be collected with First Time Down, First Time Together and First Time Back to make a book at some point, but, for now, it’s exclusive to Patreon.

A teaser-

They couldn’t quite pull the sheet in from either side to cover all four of them, so they eventually had to move so they could all slide under it. They lay together and, coming down from the high, nodded off for a while.

Mike was the first to rouse from their post-coital nap. He sneaked away without waking anyone, and returned with a pot of tea and cups, to find the others just awake enough to be wondering where he was. They greeted him as a hero when they found out what he was carrying.

Sat four wide across the bed, they all sipped delicately at their teas. It would have been much more genteel if they weren’t all naked, of course, or if Mike and Hannah had been sitting together as man and wife, rather than either side of another couple.

Mike laid a hand on Vanessa’s thigh, his fingers pale against her dark skin. “So.” he said. “You had something you wanted to do?” His fingers sneaked around to the inside of her thigh, and started to work their way upwards. Her legs parted so he could carry on all the way to the prize. Beside her, Greg was having his cock gently teased by Hannah, her fingers moving further along it each tie as it grew.

“I did. Well, I enjoyed your tongues so much when you were both licking me at once. I’d like to try it with you both fucking me.”

Greg’s head had turned to Vanessa, away from watching what Hannah was doing. He liked the proposal, it was obvious in his expression. “Double penetration.” said Mike. “Nice.”