Daily archives: January 23, 2015

Cassie On Show When their lips parted, Cassie stared at Noel. Her cheeks had reddened, not all from the passion. “Is it okay? That I’m turned on by looking at another woman doing that. It doesn’t freak you out?” Now it was Noel’s turn to guide Cassie into a kiss, a reassuring peck. “Did it feel like I was freaked out?” Cassie smiled and blushed. Her hands ran up and down Noel’s thighs and squeezed the muscle. “But what if…. What if I told you that it’s got me thinking about making love with her?” “With Megumi?” Noel glanced up at the screen. Cassie followed his gaze, and the conversation was derailed for a long moment as they both took in the image of a beautiful woman on the other side of the world freeze-framed in the throes of passion. Cassie nodded. “It’s just a fantasy. I mean…. I’m sure […]