Mary Tales 2: Bi boy tales

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MT2cover-400Mary Tales 2: Bi boy tales

Collecting the first four Mary Tales Shots in one bumper volume.

The theme is bisexual men and the guys and girls they love.

First Contact

We dive straight into the narrator’s first experience with a couple. Nervous and excited, he doesn’t know what to do with himself at first, but that soon changes.

Working Away

A short term flat share becomes something much more when the hosts invite their guest into the bedroom.

Anything Goes on Mars Station

After all the time it takes to get astronauts out to the space station in orbit over Mars it’s vitally important that they get on. The team bonding exercise is very dirty and takes place in the zero gravity “Heart” of the station.

Game Night

Robert meets his neighbours, Miranda and Julian, and gets to know them much more intimately as they play a racing game with stripping and sex as forfeits for losing.

Capture The Flag

Eve is introduced to the special rules Rebecca and Dave have for their wargames. She can resurrect her dead soldiers and put them back on the board, but there’s a forfeit to be paid every time.

Morning Glory

Mike is woken by Karen and Roger. His lovers treat him to coffee and much, much more.

I Have Never

A novelette about the development of a casual bi relationship.

An admission during a drinking game sees Mark and Paul going home together and exploring the gay side of their bisexuality. As the relationship develops they try out all the things they have never done before. Then they meet Julie, and things get really interesting.

‘Mark looked across at Paul. It was hard to tell under the street lights, but the younger man appeared to be blushing again. He was blonde and twinky, quite pretty in the way that Mark had always known he’d go for. “Do you think about sex with another man.”

Paul nodded, “Quite a lot. I’m a crap bisexual, I can’t get it on with a man.”

They both lived on the same street, Paul at the opposite end to Mark. As they neared Mark’s house he decided to take a risk. “Do you want to? We could, y’know….” Now it was his turn to blush.


As they climbed the stairs to Mark’s flat his heart started beating far harder than the exercise merited. He hadn’t so easily and casually got himself into a situation where sex was imminent ever before. Whatever came next was going to be all new.’

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