Daily archives: January 6, 2015

Mary Tales 3 Collecting Mary Tales Shots 5, 6, 7 & 8 Mary Tales Shots #5 Rain Starts Play It’s John and Karen’s third date. They’re supposed to be having a picnic, but it’s raining, so they’ll have to think of something else to do instead….. Mary Tales Shots #6: Tied and Teased Fingers and Thumbs There are few better ways to wake than with your lover’s gentle fingers playing with you. Tied She’s helpless on the bed, hands tied above her head and eyes covered with a mask. She can only imagine what he shall do and wait for his teasing to begin. Mary Tales Shots 7: Sex in the Woods Something is stirring amongst the trees, and it’s very horny. In “If you go down to the woods” Sally takes Mark to the wood at the bottom of her parents’ garden, where she used to run around naked. […]