Daily archives: January 2, 2015

I Have Never…. (Mary Tales Shots Book 4) A novelette about the development of a casual bi relationship. An admission during a drinking game sees Mark and Paul going home together and exploring the gay side of their bisexuality. As the relationship develops they try out all the things they have never done before. Then they meet Julie, and things get really interesting. ‘Mark looked across at Paul. It was hard to tell under the street lights, but the younger man appeared to be blushing again. He was blonde and twinky, quite pretty in the way that Mark had always known he’d go for. “Do you think about sex with another man.” Paul nodded, “Quite a lot. I’m a crap bisexual, I can’t get it on with a man.” They both lived on the same street, Paul at the opposite end to Mark. As they neared Mark’s house he decided […]