Cassie On Video and Cassie Online

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Cassie On Video and Cassie Online are parts one and two of the Cassie Gets It On series.

Cassie On Video

Cassie had a beautiful face, heart shaped, with big blue eyes, small, perfect nose and lips made for smiling and kissing, all framed by a bob of deep black hair. But the lovely face was, if not upset, certainly disappointed. “I don’t know if I want to go to Japan now.” she announced.

“He must be good.” Maria said, smiling at her cousin.

Cassie smirked, and went a little red. “Next week, I’m going to Japan for four weeks. That’ll be longer than I’ve been with Noel. It’s just such shitty timing.” She sighed and stirred her tea. “Single for two years, and then I go and meet the perfect man three weeks before work sends me on the trip I’ve wanted to do since I was fifteen.”

“I’m sure he’ll wait for you.”

“Oh, he will. It’s just that I’ve just got used to having sex again. Four weeks without it, and I think I’ll explode.”

Determined to give her new lover, Noel, something to keep him hot whilst she’s away, Cassie shoots a little video. Surprised at how much it turns her on, she jumps at the chance to do it again when Noel suggests making a film together.

Join Cassie and Noel in the Cassie Gets It On series as their relationship blossoms and they explore their fantasies together.

Cassie Online

“Your boyfriend in England? Is he handsome?” When Cassie blushed, Megumi smiled. “He is? And is he, what is the English phrase? Is he well hung?”

“Well, I, er…. Yes, he is.” There didn’t seem any point in denying it, so Cassie decided to take pride in her lover’s endowment.

“And he is nice to you? Obviously he cares enough to call from the other side of the world.”

“He is lovely. A real gentleman.”

“And a good lover?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Aah, you are so lucky. All the men I find are useless.” Megumi said, sighing.

Settling in to her work placement in Tokyo, Cassie can’t help but miss Noel. But they have a plan for a very naughty video call, and with her co-worker Megumi’s help, Cassie is going to have just the right toys and costume to make it incredibly memorable.